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Hi all my consultant has hinted if i like to try medication for my tremor i find when i sweat its worse in evening he recommends carbidopa levodopa would this help my tremor and how long to take effect from 1st tablet weeks,or days or hours or does it depend on each person’s

I take Sinemet, which is a carbidopa levodopa medication and I get a lot of improvement in my tremor. The effects started within days of taking the medication. However, I’ve read posts here from people who didn’t get improvement to tremor from this and also from people who’ve noticed improvements within hours of taking their first tablet so everyone reacts differently.

For me it was almost instantaneous.

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Hi i have been taking carbidopa 12.5/50 levodopa for 2 wks this hasn’t touched me at all very disappointed i was asked by my gp to try for a month due to the results should i phone my gp earlier or wait the month bit of a dilemma

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I can’t answer that unfortunately, maybe try calling one of our nurse advisers on the number above.

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Hi tash i have already spoken to my neurologist about this matter thx

Hi i have been taking 6x12.5/50 sinemet 3 times a day have been pn thos dose fpr 2wks 4x wks in all still no difference in my tremor i find this medication useless i have no symptoms but tremor feel good in my self fairly fit ,active, just very disappointing in so called golden medication i am seeing Parkinson’s nurse next week nort really hopefull at moment