Taking medication

Hi, I have had great difficulty getting my Sinemet tablets out of the bubble packs. Frequently they crumble into pieces. Now I soak the bubble packs in water for a few minutes and the strip on the back ( with the batch number) falls away and the tablets can be popped out in one piece.

Hi thank you for this, the new packaging really is not considering how we are going to get them out is it! :smile:

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Hi honda300.

They are a bit of a pain, and why they have to stick that on the back, i’ll never know.

I just get my fingernail under the end of the sticker, and peal it off. Sometimes I have to try from both ends though,

We’ve found exactly the same issue
I peel the sticker off my husbands and then use my nail to score around the edge of the packet to get one out (hope that makes sense!!)
I have also asked a representative from PUK to escalate this as it seems this is such a common problem and there is the potential that under dosing could occur.
I emailed PUK and sent photos of the problem- perhaps if lots of people do this then hopefully the manufacturer will do something
(Fingers crossed!!)

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