Taking requip xl

How many of you out there take requip xl & how long have you been on this drug & how has the drug worked for u,just interested in people's experiences thanks :smile:
Hi Kev. Been on Requip XL for 3 years now. Two 8mg tablets first thing. They certainly seem to smooth out the peaks and troughs compared to the 3 per day Ropinerole I used to take. Am also on Sinamet and Rasagaline so it's hard to say how much difference the Requip XL would make on it's own.
I'm on 14 mg of Requip XL and 300 of Madopar each day, started at 12 then put up tp 16 and now 14, and frankly it has been driving me crazy with lightheadedness, fatigue, sleeplessness at night, restless legs, aches, pains etc., and this has been going on for 3 years+ .

After reading some of the posts on here, I thought 'oh we'll let's try something different.

So, I have experimented with taking tablets at different times etc. etc. inc swopping all to evening ( as suggested by PD nurse ) without any real benefits, and for two weeks I simply split my Requip XL into 3 doses,

i.e. 6 mg in morning, 4 mg in afternoon and 4 mg late evening ( together with 100 Madopar each time ) and boy what a difference it made at first.

The PD symptoms did not change really (I was still acting like a drunk when I walk) but and this is a major boost, I was clear headed again, no lightheadedness, little or no fatigue, sleeping much better, brighter and talking a lot more -joining in conversations - and frankly I felt so much better overall.

But it didn't last, and whereas I was going to persevere with it until my next appt. with PD Doctor, in October, I've gone back to the old regime, as my PD symptoms just got worse and worse.

Been back to normal dosage times for a week and PD symptoms much better, but back to restless legs etc. But I have improved in outlook they say, so perhaps the change did me some good?

I am also swimming and taking exercise classes which are both helping no end.

I take 8mg requip xl at breakfast every morning. Been buiding up to it over 2 years prbably need something more now, its not helping my curly toes much anymore seeing pd nurse soon I have sleeep problems
Hi, I have been on Requip XL 16mg for 3 years and recently with 3 SinemetPlus 100/25. However, I recently had problems with fluid retention in feet/ankles and it was agreed to reduce Requip by 2mg and include one Entacapone 200.I am now down to 10 mg Requip plus 3 Entacapone and 3 Sinemet.
Only now do I see a very marginal improvement re fluid but I have real problems with freezing and am currently awaiting on further medical advice.
I am aware that it takes time to adjust such matters successfully.
Hope this assists.
Freezing is my biggest problem, causing me to fall against walls, doors etc.

Requip XL doesn't help with this.

I was diagnosed in March of this year and started taking re-equip Excel, the slow release version. I worked up to 8 mg per day and have settled for that, it seems to be working well for me at that dosage. Having said that I use the dictation package in order to write e-mails etc. One thing I would like to know, has anyone seen a Graph of the release rate of R xl? As I have been advised that physio works better when there is a relatively high dosage in the bloodstream.
I would be grateful for advice.