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Does anyone have any tips when trying to give medication. Mum is in the late stage of Parkinsons and is now on a soft food diet as she can’t chew food. Unfortunately when she has her medication she will then chew the tablets making it difficult for us to make sure she gets the meds correctly. We have tried putting them on a spoon with jam etc but to no avail. It is becoming a big struggle to deal with her meds on a daily basis - and she is on a lot of meds. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Does she like yoghurt? May be worth a try. Give a full teaspoon and make sure the tablet is well coated with the yoghurt. Use one that has bits of fruit and the tablet may ‘get lost’ I find Onken to be the right consistency. Yoghurt is a food that is naturally just swallowed. Good luck.

Just had another thought lots of meds come in different forms eg patches or liquid probably worth checking that out. May be easier all round.

We tried yoghurt which worked a couple of times but she seems to have got wise to it. Currently trying to see if we can get tablets in liquid form as suggested

Hi @Linzidawn

If you would like to chat about medication options in a liquid or patch form with our advisers please do call our helpline on on 0808 800 0303. The opening times are Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm.

Also, if you would like support and advise for your mum about swallowing it may be worth talking to a speech therapist. There’s more information about speech therapists on our website.

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