Taking the iniative

Just had to share this, an old friend of mine just needed to do something after watching the Parkinson’s drugs trial on BBC2. Here is a copy of the email he sent to James Dyson. You just never know!!

From: Neil & Angela

Sent: Friday, March 8, 2019 11:01 PM

To: [email protected]

Subject: Fw: The Parkinson’s Drug Trial - A miracle Cure?

Hello, Mr Dyson – Please forgive me for troubling you but, having watched both episodes of BBC 2’s of the Parkinson’s Drug Trial (and noted, with dismay, the withdrawal of Pfizer’s support), I wonder if you might spare the time to watch the programmes (on BBC iPlayer) and then give sympathetic consideration to helping bring about the start of the much needed Phase 3?

I’ve absolutely no connection with those involved: I’m merely an 85 year old Lancastrian State Pensioner who has been profoundly moved by what has been achieved and who’s well aware of what your extraordinary dynamism and success could do, if you were willing to apply a little of each to the medical team’s efforts to secure further funding

I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Thanks and best wishes for the continued growth of your remarkable business – Neil