So there I was, stumbling along, 30-40m at a time...

This is getting worse, I had better update PIP about the deterioration.

Gave them a ring, mobility reduced - ok, we will send you a form.

Two months later... We believe your ability to dress has improved, no more PIP for you!

Think I will fight this one...



Hi Geordie Parr,

I'm sorry to read about your experience of PIP, this is concerning to hear. Please do give our Helpline team a call on 0808 800 0303, they are around on weekdays from 9am - 7pm and on Saturday from 10am - 2pm, and will be able to give some advice about this.

Best wishes,


(Digital team) 

Thanks, suspected cuts via the back doors scenario. Can't get them through aids let's say they are improving ....miraculous!!!



IN a complete state of shock!!!! got the decision 1 month early AND I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Jubilee Day Hospital, your support tipped the scales of justice in the right direction 

Hi Geordie, 

Congratulations! This is fantastic news :-) 


Good news!

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My worry is, just how many are giving up their PIP without a fight, After all, we are all fighting everyday, and to the layman it can be frightening. 

Still, at least I can spread the news that you can win against DWP.

thanks for the congratulations, it is appreciated 


well done

Out of interest what do you think 'tipped the scales' ?.

A combination of confirmation that I do have Parkinsons, and a occ health report stating finger dexterity issues, confirming the consultant info. Possibly helped by the fact that the occ health was from HMRC (yes, ironic workplace, but the support from them has been outstanding)

Hi Geordie,

That's fantastic news, congratulations! It's terrible to hear that you lost access to PIP in the first place, that should never have happened, unfortunately we're hearing examples like this a lot at the moment.

The Government has launched an independent review of PIP in the last few weeks, and we're keen to hear examples of how badly it's working for people with Parkinson's, so we can tell them exactly how it needs to change!

If you'd like to help, I've put together a very brief, anonymous survey, which should take you 5-10 mins to fill in, which aims to gather views on PIP to help us make our response.

The link is here: http://surveys.parkinsons.org.uk/s/PIPsurvey






Thanks, survey done


hi all i have had some experiance with the "benefit police"they are all liars trying to prove that we are liars it  .has been 5 or 6 yrs since my last ATOS examination and yet still recently as last week i had to fill out a f2f form do they think i have gottewn better in 5/6 yrs ?.Iam thinking about not taking my meds for a week before my next appt see how they deal with that

Is this for pip or esa as they are doing old dla to pip maybe this is why
Great i suspect i got that all to come dla to pip when the day comes .all the best geordie

this is for esa also i had a letter requesting that my wife who is my carer come to the jobcenter regarding her return to work wtf?

What a p--- take

Cheers, never had DLA, went along the sea /pip route, but can understand everyone's fears...

Good on you Geordie so pleased for you. BB xx