Taking the tablets

I'm on a low dose of Sinamet three times a day.

Does that mean morning mid-afternoon and bedtime or around breakfast lunch and dinner?

Much to learn.
I'm a 4 times a day girl myself - I take it at 10.00, 14.00, 18.00 and 22.00 and it works really well for me. 62.5 mg dose btw.
Oh, and an Azilect at 08.15 and 8mg Requip XL with the 10.00 Sinemet.

All well so far.

Good luck.
Thanks for that. I was sort of thinking whats the point of taking the one at bedtime?

Think I'll space them out as best I can within my waking hours rather than mealtimes.
Hi Chalong.

My OH was taking their medication at mealtimes BUT, mealtimes vary, well they do in our house!! Medication was just not working at all.

We had a visit from the PD nurse who spent 2 hours with us, recording every detail, and she suggested a far more time aware regime. This new regime demanded NO deviation from tablet times with the half an hour proscribed period.(Following medication was altered appropriately to take into account the time of the last meds taken).

First results were encouring, but not perfect, and 2 more tweaks were needed with timing, to get it as right as possible. t's now a great deal better than previousl.

Additionally, a late night dose is considerd to be beneficial as it is not such a long gap between your last dose and your first dose the next day.
My husband takes Co-careldopa five times day. 8am 12 4pm 8 and 12 midnight. During the day he has his food an hour later. The one at midnight has only just been introduced to help him sleep during the night which it seems to be having the desired effect, if only we could get one for his shakes which is troubling him at the moment.
your tablets are related to meals I take mine an hour before meals so they will work if you take them with meals it slows them down. I had to find that out myself like most other things
Sounds like we are all interpreting X times a day slightly differently.

With my 3 times a day I've settled on 9am, 2pm and 7pm avoiding being too close to food.

Being only 3 days in it's too early to say, don't think the effects have kicked in yet. Fortunately no side effects have kicked in either.

My 12.5/50 increases to 25/100 after 2 weeks for a further 2 weeks then it's back to the Neuro chappie.
3 times in 24 hours 7.00 15.00 23.00
avoiding co-inciding with food is the main thing.
if you dont have any trouble at night i would space them out during the day.
if you do have trouble during the night slow release capsules are quite handy .
dopamine has quite a short lifecycle so doesnt last the night through. azilect can also help extend the duration.
We have read not to take them with meals . So we TRYand keep to take them on an empty stomach or about an hour before the next not always easy if you are flexible with meal times .. The Controlled release whic you take before you go to bed they say to have a snack with them . At east that is our routine . My husband is 7 years down the Parkionsons road at least it is the road we are on since being diagnosed .
I keep saying WE because thats how it is . lol

Good luck . everyone is different as you will find

I see by the posts some have been prescribed Sinemet I have recently been prescribed Sinemet with Motilium and since taking these have felt very sick for at least a couple of hours, I have also been taking Rasagiline and Amantadine for 5 years or so with no problems do these side effects wear off as I am now thinking to go back to just the R & A I cant see any benefit with the Sinemet not sure what it is supposed to do.

I too feel sooooooo tired.

Hope to hear regards
i am on madopar, and as well as taking meds well before eating or at least two hours aafter, i find washing the pill down with lots of water also helps. my neuro says the madopar has to get to the duodenum to be absorbed, so i imagine the water helps flush it through the stomach
water also stimulates the duodenum. i think one of the problems with food might be that it absorbs the water.
Has anyone else found yet another change in Sinemet Plus?

My first prescription was an oval scored tablet, the second was the supposed new circular scored tablet. My most recent is oval and not scored, made in Italy under licence from MSD distributed by a company in Bolton.

Also guaranteed to break as you pop it out of the blister pack.

If it wasn't supplied by the most well known chain chemist I'd almost suspect bootleg pills.
I meant circular not scored for the second batch.