Hi everyone, drugs not working to well so starting a trial of Talcapone on the 15th. Has any one out there tried this drug? and if so , how was it and is there any thing i should know?

i am on entacaphone.never heard of talcaphone

Think you must mean Tolcapone, which is an alternative to Entacapone to help Levodopa meds to be more effective. I was offered this but declined.  It can affect the liver so one needs to have a blood test every two weeks to check its state. Seemed a bit worrying to me. Whoever prescribed it should have explained its history and current restrictions to you. Lots of info online if you Google it.


Thanks for replys, i have been told about liver concerns but hoping to find someone who has taken the drug to find out if it helped.

S your on entacphone tho .this drugs ok right

Hi Gus

Yes Entacapone is ok. But, hoping my Neuro will replace it with  safinamide as fewer pills. Have emailed him, am awaiting reply!  Have you started that yet?


I've just had the ok for safinamide starting on 50mg for first 2 wks then go up to 100mg if can tolerate it.my chemist got taking over by wells pharmacy they have messed up quite alot on my repeats when i got script for safinamide they said no where stocks it.so i phoned up wessex pharmacy and they got it up straight away on there pc going to collect Monday if they have success in getting it.i moved chemist to them now so my old chemist is missing out on 17 repeats a month.i will let you know how i get on.

Tolcapone started five days ago. First three days terrible with feeling sick and change in body smell, also some muscle spasms. But settling down now and starting to feel slight positive effects. Been told it takes up to three weeks to see full effects. Will let you all know how i get on. Thanks for all the support i have had from the forum.