Tales from cornavirus

Tales from coronavirus

You’ve got to laugh really.

My son has just spent about half an hour being given the run around on the phone with my bank.

I haven’t done an online grocery shop for years, preferring to get it in dribs & drabs on my trike as an excuse to exercise.

But we were quarantining because my other son had just returned from his travels. So I googled to see what food deliveries I could get from local suppliers. Sorted. Got milk etc from a local café. Then boxes of fruit & veg from people who normally deliver to restaurants. So far so good . A food box from morrisons was fine too - all next day delivery.

Then I faNCIED SOME FISH. FOUnD ANOTHER SUpPLIER – long order but still under £100. Payment declined. I Tried the other supplier again card declined. Hence my son’s phone call.

So why was my card blocked for groceries to my home address “because your mum doesn’t normally order online”


Everyone is ordering food online these days cos we have all been STUCK AT HOME…