"Talk to others like you."

When newbies first access a link to the forum from the PUK site, they are met with clicking on, "talk to a person like you."

What exactly is, '" a person like you?" A    person with P is stillthe same person and not someone else purely because they have P!!

I do find this rather demeaning, in as much as, a person with Parkinsons is in a different category to others.

Could this not simply read:; " talk to others with Parkinsons???????

eople like you,also seems divisive, us and them.

mr green


I don't like too throw a spanner in the works Benji cool but, the forum is diverse in that.

Some people haven't yet been diagnosed, some may have other conditions, and some may be looking for answers for relatives and friends.

When i first arrived here like many i was looking for answers along the way of my journey, so in some ways they were 'people like me' as many were looking for answers without diagnosis at the time and some still are.

So if it read  talk to others ''with Parkinsons'' it might feel excluding or exclusive to someone new.

I see your point but I still don't like the  phrase that is used.


Maybe, " talk to others" is sufficient. After all it is a Parkinsons site.

Hi benji,

Thanks for your post. I'm assuming you mean the link to the forum on the Online community page at parkinsons.org.uk/onlinecommunity

I think what sea angler described above is more the sentiment that we were trying to touch on when we wrote that. It wouldn't be correct to say the forum is here for 'people with Parkinson's' because it's here for a lot more people than that. As we say in the welcome message,

Our forum community is here for people affected by Parkinson's. This includes people with Parkinson's, carers, friends and families. 


But beyond that, it is also here for people feeling scared ahead of a diagnosis, people concerned that they might have to leave work or people just elated because something wonderful and totally unrelated to Parkinson's has happened to them. 

We could say, 'people in the same position as you' but not only is that a clunky formulation that doesn't really fit, but it won't always be true.

The intent was to let people know that there are others going through the same thing here.

Still, if members of the forum believe that there are better words that we could use to convey all of the above on the online community page: parkinsons.org.uk/onlinecommunity, do let us know and we'd be happy to discuss changing it. 




Hi I do feel like I am in a exclusive club now and although I don't want to be defined by parkinsons it would be nice to meet others like me who would know about the stiffness and pain cramp and shaking just to name a few 

p troop

If you want to talk to each other (and put a face to a name) why dont you use the google hangout provided by and overseen by Ezinda and Alethea.

What's with the "club" idea. I thought this was an open forum where anyone affected by PD can read or post freely.

We all have our Demons !

and alter egos it would seem lol

what google hangout?

Hi Turnip,

We had a Google Hangout session back in February with a couple members from the forum (more details here). We had hopped to do another one in the spring, but there didn't seem to be much interest at that time.

If forum members are interested in having another Google Hangout do let us know.

Best wishes,
Digital Team



i am interested alethea


where do you live i would be happy to meet up with you if you are near to lincoln or if i gave you my mobile number then maybe i can help you on our pd journey.


Hi Betty Blue,

Ok great, thanks for letting me know.

Best wishes,

I do like telling mods off when they veer off topic!

Naughty mods........shame on you!!

Getting back to Benji's question.........There isn't anyone 'just like us'.

We are all unique......just like our symptoms.

So, I'm with Benji on this one.


the Pokermid

Analogue team

Analogue Team lol  thanks Pete that's set me up for the day!