Tast problem anyone please

Does anyone have a problem with taste?

I have not had a decent cup of tea for months! I am on four Sinemet+ a day, and others for high cholesterol and high blood pressure, neither of which I had before Parkinsons.

I do have a reflux problem, and the original tablets were changed because they did affect my taste. I have to put more milk in coffee than I used too, but whatever I do with tea, it has no taste however much sugar I put in.

I am trying to cut down on sugar, and using sweetex. But tea still tastes horrible...

How is your sense of smell? If like some PWP's your sense of smell has packed up it might be that lost sense denying you the pleasure of a good cup of tea. 

My sense of smell went on the blink almost 20 years before PD became a consideration for me.




My sense of taste is not as good as it used to be and I had put that down to my sense of smell deteriorating. Occasionally I can smell something but not often. Curiously it is not always strong smells I can detect. Yesterday when out walking I briefly  became aware of the delicate scent of sweet ceicily (spelling?) in the hedgerow, whereas most other smells completely elude me 

Thanks for the quick answers.

My sense of smell is still there, but not as good as it was. So that may be the link. I have tried tea with more milk and sugar. It tastes like sweet milk without any taste of tea. Looks like the only way to go!   


                        ALAS ITS A UNFORTUNATE side effect of pd  and the drugs to combat  it  ( pd)  it   wrecks  taste and smell, I can tell salt  and  sweet  especially  sweet but  every other  ability  has just  gone, also I CHOKE every time I try to eat which is frustrating and annoying I HAVE HAD TESTS using barium  to check that all is  ok  so they tell me, but I still choke ,visits to  restrauants are out of the question, my food  goes  every where but in my gob,   its  big  enough ? twice I HAVE  HAD  COMPLETE STRANGERS  give  that life saving hemlich  technique   when  I wasne  choking,  still  they  mean  well                                Regards    FED4

Hi FED4.

Sorry for the late reply.

Occasionally I choke on the smallest piece of food, but can usually help myself get over it. It can be very embarrassing too. It`s a shame that you can`t enjoy the simple things in life, because of some rotten decease that came out of nowhere.   My sense of smell, is not what it was either, and it has to be a bit of a high pong to get my attention.