Taste budds and pd

can anyone tell me why my food tastes so bland,is it pd?carer does same as always before ,but just not taste as it used to:rolling_eyes:
Yes ali, loss of sense of smell and taste are very common in pwp. I do not know why. Perhaps you could try asking your asking your carer to add something spicy eg wostershire or tobasco sauce to your meals?
oops - worcestershire sauce.

Appologies to anybody who lives in that County
the prob is with me ab is i suffer with acid reflux and anything spicey sets it off ,im on meds for it ,this is why im wonderin wot i can do now,sorry i should of rote bout the reflux first ab .but thanks for offerin to help me,if u think of anything else i would appreciate it:smile:
You could try adding soy sauce to your food as you have taste buds for it and in PD it is generally your sense of smell that has gone and that is about 90% of the sense of taste.

don't put it in the custard though
Yes Ali .. My husband finds the same thing . I tend now to make his food spicier or stronger flavours . Even started to use sweet chilli sauce with most everything . lol
Parkinsons can also affect smell sence . Which as you know affects your taste ..
Apologies also to any inhabitants of Tabasco (not Tobasco, AB!) state, in Mexico. LOL.
70-75% of taste is actually smell, so if you TOTALLY lose your sense of smell your sense of taste will fall to around 30% of its original effectiveness.

In my own case I estimate I've lost about two-thirds of my sense of smell, so my overall sense of taste should be at 50%. This more or less matches my own experience.

Mild flavours from my youth now seem bland and tasteless, whereas I now love flavours which used to seem far too powerful: gorgonzola, anchovies, etc.

i had some cumberland sassages last nite,and yet agin hardly anything to taste,i rember the real good taste so much ,and when eatern erm imagine it:smile:before reflux came along beci used to put spices on food for me etc,just to give things a bit of more of a twang,but now im afraid spice is no longer used for me,soy sauce also sets it off as well,had a pot noodle yesturday and the little sachet in it of soy sauce set me chest off as well,looks like it just some thing got to put up with ,along with other pd probs we are finding along our travels.carer has said to me though when she at work she obversley speaks to many other clients,and she will ask some other people that she nows who has pd ,or reflux by it self for ideas,u never no do ya:smile:
No Ali - it was the Pot Noodle that set it off not the soy! Evil things that should only be used as a bait for deep water fishing (Creatures of the deep are all hideous)
No need to worry about my speling now . Can always reli on RofS to correct me


I agree about the pot noodles, small woman, disgusting cack.
tabasco , paprika, curry, whisky on yr ice cream, brandy in yr custard, black pepper, salt, chillies, put hot and cold things together so hot damson crumble with ice cream, cold chocolate torte with hot custard,

There are a lot of spices that add flavour but not heat, cumin, coriander, turmeric etc which, if you can not eat food containing chilli may be ok for you. My son can not eat chilli as it gives him migraine but he can eat food including spices that do not include chilli.