Tasty, spicy breakfasts

It seems that folk with Parkinson's lose their sense of taste a bit after a good few years. This may be why they are unable to swallow so easily (though that's not clear, other reasons may be a factor).

My Dad gives my Mum apple, banana and toast for breakfast, but come to think of it these are a bit bland if your taste buds aren't fully on. And she does tend to leave it, so we have to spoonfeed her.

Any suggestions for nice tasty grub for breakfast? Nothing too heavy, but with definite flavours.
Alpen curry?
Combining experiences of teenagers who like strong flavours, and O/H wP, maybe scrambled egg with herbs or bacon bits or cheese; lassi, which is a lovely drink made with yoghurt, can be salty and spicy, or sweet (and for sweet you can use jam, so you get different fruits)- and what about kedgeree? (this is starting tomake me feel hungry!)
Thanks I'll will try some of these, Alpen is a good idea. Will look into Lassi, I suppose when it goes off it's a case of Lassi Gone Home. :grin:

I'm no health freak, my favourite would be a good fry up, but I must say I LOVE Alpen (no other mueslis, they're too bland).

I think it's the honey flavour.

I have 2 bowls virtually every day - breakfast & about an hour before bed time!

Alpen is okay, have to say however the sugar-free version is quite bland as well as moorish, maybe the worst of both worlds!

The other, normal Alpen is fine, but prob not healthy and none of it is cheap, so if you have two bowls a day (and I quite understand why) it's gonna cost you. :cry:
Even worse my cat loves it too!

He has a few teaspoonfuls in a bowl (no liquid) alongside me each morning!
spicey sasage patty:smile:

1 tsp seasalt,1 tsp sage 1tsp of thyme,half tsp ground black pepper,quter nutmeg,quter tsp chilli powder,qutertsp chilli peppers flakes,ground pork mince:smile:

put everythin in a bowel apart from the mince stir around ,then add mince and mix up till mixed in real good,shape into quter 2 ounce pattys half inch thick,and shape erm.cook in iron pan on medium heat flippin erm as u cook they are only 150 cals each serve erm with 2 eggs,mmm lovley jubley:smile:

or there is burritos:smile:

1 egg, 2 egg whites,quter cupcanned drained black beans,2 tblspoons of canned green chillies 2 tablespoons of gratted cheese:smile:

mix eggs beans and chill togeather,scramble mix in a pan spray with cookin spray,over a medium heat,rap in a tortilla:smile:if u wonna make a big batch of erm u can then freeze erm and put 1 in a microwave to eat on the go:smile:
My husband has a few grapes and sliced apple , them porridge which I put treacle on . I tend to use quite a bit of Chilli sauce these as well something he would never previously had but he loves it now . I think it is because it is tasty . So I go a bit heavier with the spices these days .