Does anybody have a Parkinson’s tattoo ? I modified the tulip with an extra ‘leaf’ each side to form a very subtle F and Y and wear it with pride on my shakey forearm.

Hi @shakeyguy
Really interested in getting one, just thinking about a design atm… are you able to share a photo of it on this thread? :blush:

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That’s nice.
I have a rose on just up from my ankle will try and get picture tomorrow.
I am thinking of having paw prints linked with a chain and heart on my wrist.

sounds fantastic, will look forwards to seeing th epicture… Paw prints sound lovely, do they have any significance ? or like me are you just a dog lover?

@shakeyguy that’s beautiful! :blush:

thanks,what are you fancying?

I’ve got tattoo words saying Parkinson’s D.B.S implant around my wrist.

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Hey @shakeyguy
Not sure yet… I’ll let you know! :+1:t2:

I got my Parkinsons ribbon tattoo earlier this year

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that is SO cool

S x

Hey @shakeyguy
So I did it! I got the Michael J Fox logo for his Parkinson’s foundation… a leaping fox on an orange watercolour background…will post photo to follow… :slight_smile:


That is so cool!