TCE and PD


very interesting I was diagnosed 3 years ago. My consultant said that I have had PD for several years. My job as a sales rep for about 25 years in the tyre repair industry. i drove an estate car and carried liquid buffer which contained TCE. I used to have to drive with the window as the fumes were very strong. I will be interested to see any more research!
Very interedting!
My husband worked in the printing industry in colour reproduction and they used carbon tetrachloride for a long time before someone stopped them because it caused dizziness in the users.
He developed Parkinsons at 57 after starting work in printing at 15,
At least if this is the cause my kids can stop worrying about it being hereditary!
I don't understand things like this. It is tempting to want to blame chemicals and pollution, but I thought there were descriptions of people suffering from Parkinsons in the bible and many ancient and historical writings. So its not that simple.
My neighbour told me about this today.She said my husband had spent years tinkering under the bonnet of his cars, and maybe that is why he got PD.
My view, for what its worth:

things that have been implicated in triggering pd include:

other heavy metals
nerve viruses
respiratory viruses
other viruses
bactreria in the gut
vitamin d
vitamin b12
etc etc

some genes that are involved

that's a large number of factors many of which interact with each other, in particular the environmental and genetic factors usually both need to exist for the disease to occur,

i was exposed to solvents when i was a child at my father's workplace (a printer). But i have also had viruse, bacteria, stress, pesticides, manganese.

There is no way yet to seperate out which of these caused my illness, particularly as it is impossible to give a precise date to the start of the illness.

PD might even have more than one begining in an individual ie a genetic likelihood, an initial stimulation and a subsequent accelaration. eg someone may have the park2 mutation, get a virus and then suffer major stress. All are necessary , none are sufficient on its own.

but there is a difference between a trigger and the on-going activity of the disease - presumably many triggers set of a few, possible even one, on-going process that slowly kills off the cells, the on-going process is more important than the complex cause because its too late to stop the cause, as least for us - the on-going process continues long after exposure to solvents etc stops. a process that takes 20 or 30 years must (a dodgy word) be internally self-sustaining.

end of my view
ps not to say that musicman and goldengirl are not correct in their own cases, just to say that its very complicated. in particular the printing industry was very bad in chemical pollution.
Thanks very much for all your comments about the new research which suggests that exposure to the chemical solvent TCE may increase risk of Parkinson's.

You can read more about the study in our web story:

This new study is the first one to report a possible link between Parkinson's and TCE, but further larger studies are now needed to confirm the relationship.

We still don't know exactly what causes Parkinson's. But for most people it's likely to be a combination of natural ageing, genetic susceptibility, lifestyle and environmental factors.

So, while TCE may play a small role in Parkinson's in some people, it's probably just a small part of a much bigger puzzle.
I worked in a printing environment which used solvent based inks. I commuted to work which took an 1.5 hours of congested mototway driving every day. I have leaking mercury amalgum fillings in just about every tooth thats left in my head. I have a bone spur nudging my spinal chord. I've clattered my head I don't know how many times.

I'm amazed it took me so long to get PD.
Oh and I had heli-cobactor. I also had stomach pains, gastritis, for years. I had to get chinese herbal medicine for that
Oh and I had rhinitus ever since I was 16. Especially around dogs, cats, pollen, magic trees, air freshners, cheap perfume.
actually this isnt the first study to suggest a link

'smarta***' turnip
Interesting indeed - I've worked with TCE and similar solvents off and on since mid 70's with quite a lot of exposure at times with little or no protection. Mainly spraying cellulose paint where TCE is used as a degreaser solvent and thinners.
I have periodically worked with solvents as well, and probably breathed in and possible eaten toxin traces and elements on vegetables brought in the market! Who knows? While toxins and other environmental elements enter the body, the body is pretty good at cleaning itself provided we drink enough.

If the kick-starting toxins are no longer in the local environment, then why does PD and MND continue to advance, effecting both town and country folk all around the world?

In fact, we are probably more health and safety, green conscious today, than in the sixties. Yet more people are effected and at a younger age too! Why?

Well ponder this; We spend more time on our rears looking at TV or the PC, holding a poised position squeezing the moisture and bulk out of the discs in the spinal column; and then expect it to cope with pinpointed pressure when we lazily yet hurriedly bend to lift our litter as the breeze blows it towards a puddle.

Through modern living, every day most of us stress our bodies; but when do we really stretch our spine, giving the discs the encouragement and physical space to rehydrate and expand into, rather than expecting the daily water intake to be magically pumped back into the discs, ready for the next days hammering.

Yes, the research towards stopping the use of toxins is well worth every penny - But whatever the kick start is for each individual case. A change in lifestyle adding more concentrated effort to decompress all those stresses away may actually win the day and reverse the rising trend.
Whatever the causes, I so wish the scientists find at long last a real cure pease God help them and us.
i worked in a motor factors for 20 years starting back in 1979 i used the chemical TCE in a number of products including the degreasing of brakes, carb cleaner, choke cleaner, brake cleaner, etc etc i remember the smell, very strong, stayed with you for ages, i was diagnosed with PD at 32 a few years later i had to finish work at the same motor factors where i had become shop manager, guess i know the source of my Parkinsons now *sighs*

Hugh aka Welshbear
p.s. if only i knew then what i know now........bummer !!
I think the findings of the industrial chemical TCE should be put on the television news so more people and fellow parkinsonians would know what this , maybe would find more that have used TCE thus helping the Parkinsons UK a true figure as to how many TCE has affected

Hugh aka Welshbear