Tce & pd

think the findings of the industrial chemical TCE should be put on the television news and the Media, so more people and fellow parkinsonians would know what this , maybe would find more that have used TCE thus helping the Parkinsons UK a true figure as to how many TCE has affected !!...........i used this chemical when i worked at a motor factors cleaning brakes, using the choke cleaner, carb cleaner, etc etc back in 1979 when i was 18 until i had to finish work diagnosed with PD at the age of 32 , had to finish work at the same motor factors where i had become shop manager a few years later, i was so gutted, really enjoyed my job,guess i found out the source of my PD............If only i knew then what i know now !!........i would be OUT OF THERE PRONTO !! *SIGHS*

Hugh aka Welshbear
Hello Welshbearuk,
I think it would be very useful to hear of any other members who have worked with these chemicals as I can remember when we used to belong to the old Yappers group, when we all went to the National conference's and locally we never met any plumbers bricklayers or carpenters or postmen etc they mostly worked in labs or like my husband with these chemicals. You are bound to get some family conection but the early onset ones didn't seem to have any family conections at all and there is none in my husbands case. I know this is being looked into now so who knows we might have a clearer picture later this yearI do hope so for the next generation.
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My husband was a general builder but ended up doing a lot of decorating and plumbing. He used solvents a lot.
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Thats interesting, I hope more people come forward and then perhaps it will build up a better picture of what is going on.
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Has anyone else heared that one of the ingredients in Fixodent dental adhesive might play a part in Parkinsons .. My husband has used it for many years . He might have been better off using super glue. ..
I would be interested to know if there is anyone out there who thinks taking statins for cholestoral could be linked to Parkinsons. My husband took part in a study for cholestoral. This lasted for 5 years and he wasn't told if he was taking a placibo or the real thing. At the end of the study he was told he had been taking a statin called Avastatin... Within a short time of finishing the study he developed Parkinsons, I have always thought this might have been as a consequence of taking the Avastatin for 5 years....This was 18 years ago.At the time I wrote to the university who were doing the study, but it was said there was nothing to link the two.......I'm still not convinced.
hi ive worked with chemicals for over 25yrs ie phenol and formaldehyde well known for neurological side affects i firmly believe this is the cause of my pd as the extraction in my workplace was none existing in my early years at the factory i still work at if in years to come its proven let me be the one who opened this can of worms
When i worked at Land Rover as a Maintenance fitter there was a bosh filled with the stuff for cleaning puposes in the middle of the shop with a wash down nozzle attached to a pump for cleaning purposes, id often get soaked in the stuff ,Land Rover have since banned it ,I doubt ill ever know if that truly contributed to my PD,PARYPETE
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My Husband worked for BT and there was a bath full of the stuff for soaking teleprinters and coin boxes, they also had a spray and I remember him saying that with low ceilings and no windows it was getting on his nerves! These chemicals have been banned in several countries for years.As for polygrip etc for false teeth they seem to connect constant use with dementia, my husband used this quite a lot in his later years but we stopped it and managed to get a better set of teeth, now he is in a home he loses them all the time and it is taking ages to get a new set, also they won't let me buy a spare set for when he loses them the story of missing teeth is a daily hunt.
I hope something will come of this study and lessons will be learnt, of course people didn't have masks or any protective clothing then did they!
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Hi all, interesting posts,
I believe my Pd was caused by using paint stripper that contained the chemical Dichloromethane . I was ill for months after using it and the docs put it down to chronic fatigue syndrome. I'm positive it was that stuff that caused it, and I believe there has been a European directive now banning it from paint strippers , too little too late for me .


Hello Welshbear,
I worked in PT Steelworks for 40 years from 1977-about 85 I was exposed to TCE on a regular basis and a sister, more volatile solvent called Trichlorotriflouroethayne (TCTFE) from about 1985 - 2000…
I am aware of a case going through to the appeal court for compensation and I’m starting a case ATM…
These companies have a lot to answer for…!!