Tea all wrong

Made a cup of tea this morning . Put tea bag in kettle -- put milk in kettle - put electric kettle on gas
Put cup upside down on floor - poured cold water and sugar over cup
Poured tea bag and milk out of melted kettle on upside down cup
Brain had sent wrong signal (cup upside down )
Tea tasted ok though ! Share similar stories .
Got out of bed wrong side this morning,

Put knickers on inside out

Bra on back to front

Shoes on wrong feet

Brushed my ears

Put lipstick on my chin

I think it's going to be one of those days Rubbish
You think you've got problems. I opened the dishwasher and, seeing it was still on and finished its doings, I retrieved a fresh clean dry bowl for my draught porage.

My wife seeing the opened dishwasher and bowl in the sink enquired as to where I had got the bowl.

Much retching later she told me the reason the bowl was so clean was because the dogs had the mother-in-laws leftover cereal from earlier that morning. The reason the dishwasher was switched on was she was waiting for me to have my breakfast before starting the wash.

The odd thing is I still haven't felt the need for any meds yet.

Any research grants going into dried westie saliva as a possible cure?

It needs fine tuning, I'm feeling a little ruff, my belly itches and needs scratching, also urgency to pee on the gnome in the back garden. Sorry need to go, that might be the postman.
Hello Eck, Eck are you in any way related to Karl Breck Eck, the Luftwaffe
Night Fighter pilot of WW2. My problem upon awakening, or waking up as most
would use, is I only put my left sock and attendant slipper on, not my right,why!
do I suffer from the very rare Mongolian, U T W H L S A S Syndrome my wife tries
her usual tricks to get me to do something, but I ran out of cash, so now she scatters a mix of crushed glass and drawing pins, and it seems to be having a
effect, I am writing this in out patients.
hello rubbish
Thought I had found another side effect to my medication this morning. My leg muscle seemed tight and restricted. I could walk only with difficulty. I then found out that I had put both legs down the same leg of my trousers. What a relief when I used both trouser legs.