Can someone tell me exactly what is meant by ‘neurology team’, or ‘Parkinson’s team’? It is used by my GP, who clearly does not think she is part of the team herself. The term is used by the pharmacist: ‘Use as directed by your neurology team.’, and it is used by just about every other clinician. I have absolutely no idea what they mean. I say this to them, but I never get an answer. I think they think I’m joking, or that the answer is so obvious, the question isn’t worth replying to. If you have a ‘neurology team’, who is in it?

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Hi @Jane_L , :wave:t4:

The neurology team refers to anyone from the hospital Neurology department who treats PD on a specialist level.

This will be mainly a consultant and Parkinson’s nurse, but perhaps may also include neurophysios too.

GPs are not specialists, so I expect that’s why your GP does not include herself as part of her ‘neurology team’. The same would go for a pharmacist - or other clinicians - who do not specialise in neurology/PD.

I hope you find this information useful.

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Thanks Reah. In that case, I think that normally I just have a ‘team’ of one - my neurologist.