Sorry everybody for being so down today helps to.write Going off too back to work interview 10am cannot believe i have to go PD Depression medication for osteoporosis and disc problems in back I'm in pain all the time apart from the stiffness and insomnia .Cant stop crying today feeling really stressed this evening meeting ex alcoholic partner he wants to sort out things ie money he owes me thank goodness also been told by mutual friends he wants present back diamond earrings and necklace which i would have gave anyway but because he has asked made me feel like cheap tart you were all right i should have dumped him years ago.Am scared i cannot take much more don't want depression to come back hopefully feel better tomorrow. Thanks for all your support x
you never have to apologise about posting your feelings here. I fully understand the concern about a back to work interview. I have something a bit like that myself today.

Don't let yourself feel cheap because your ex has apparently asked for the present back. If he has done this he is showing himself in a bad light - not you. If he owes you money I suggest you wait until he settles that before returning the present, if you choose to do that (in my understanding a present is your property, not his)

At work make sure they understand how you are feeling. Can you ask for a friend to come with you in the meeting?

Are you meeting your ex partner alone? Can you delay the meeting?

and finally - keep talking to us!!

Elegant Fowl
Your support means so much thank you all very much.I don't work have not worked for 5yrs because fell and broke should which left me very limited movement in that arm, diagnosed with disc problems in back causing so much pai them pd 1 year ago.One day a week having pysio at hospital for back and problems caused by pd counseling 1 day a week for depression which i am getting there yesterday was bad day today bit better, so how on earth do they expect me to work?but they do.They have placed me on limited disability work plan.As if i am not stressed enough without having to attend that awful place.Did meet him yesterday at mutual friends house did not get money owed drunk again and blames me for the mess he is in.Sent text last night saying i can take no more i wont see him again and to arrange leaving money owed with friends Dont know what else to try.x
hello Hopefull,

I don't have any advice to offer, just my prayers ....I'll light a candle for you today....ask the spirits to help you with everything.

I am having difficulties with symptoms, not dx - am having more tests next week....(I'm here in the US, so get on here at off times). My worst problem now is that I can't breathe well at all.

KNow that the folks on here do care..........keep writing....we'll keep praying:smile: