Wishing everybody a Happy New Year especially those of you kind enough to reply to me in the past thought you all may like update collected new puppy week before Christmas the plans were we did that together don't know if you were all aware he told me not to come back to my own house i had to stay overnight at his daughter's the weekend before Christmas was awful but had the locks changed collected puppy by myself and the first Xmas day ever on my own even without family. Ted was such hard work the 1st week having never had pet before and not having the strength in the mornings to play considered selling him.Yesterday had him for2 week's he is clean eats well and has got me through Christmas he is gorgeous.Partner now following same pattern crying sorry he's messed up his life but i am being strong cannot go back there again Ted and doing just fine by ourself xxx

A good new year to you and Ted.

Thanks for the update Hopeful and congratulations on acquiring Ted, I am sure that you will find him much more pleasure than your partner and probably more doting on you too!!!!

I have four dogs and I can't imagine ever being without them, they are good company and they bring us so much pleasure.

Stay strong and a very Happy New Year to you and Ted


I am so glad to read you now have TED in your life Hopeful. You will have a friend for life and he will give you unconditional love.

I wish you both everything you wish for yourselves in 2012.


Radz xx

Hi Hopeful congrats on both decisions :arrow_right: We had a black Labrador Called Boo make her way into our life 4yrs ago, She came for a holiday and stayed! she would be pretty useless as a gun dog ( afraid of loud noises and not great at fetching things ):laughing: but she is at her happiest when with us a constant and loving companion I am sure Ted will bring you joy and be less troublesome than some people in your life. Best wishes to you both for 2012 :grin: