Teeth chatter!

Hi, Can anybody help me? i have been on my neupro patches for 3 months and i have developed a chatter in my jaw! Cant stop it night and day is this normal? thanks for any replys:grin:
I'm not sure if this is helpful-- I don't have a problem during the day when I'm awake, but I grind my teeth in my sleep. My gums sometims bleed and I can wake with sore upper jaw and achey pain across my face. Alas I think it's fairly common to have some problems of this kind.
Mosie, not sure if it's you i replied to before but go to dentist and get yourself set up with a night time gum shield. I clench my teeth at night (bruxing - also can be teeth grinding) this has stopped all that awful jaw pain.;)

Good luck

Thanks Diane

I have talked to my dentist about it and he has had another go at grinding a little off the crown in my lower jaw which seems tto be doing the damage to my top jaw when I grind. I've been having a stressful time selling my house and I'm hoping when the dust settles that I might not grind so much. I do know the vanity of avoiding wearing the shield is utter nonsense and stupidity but...........

sorry viking for hijacking the thread
Your welcome mosie, i just thought is the jaw chattering i am getting to do with my pd?:grin: