Tell me what worked for you

I have constipation, been drinking water, more fibre, not that It is working, tried movicol ( hoping that works) have urinary infection, cranberry juice/tablets not working. Was hoping to right this myself without going to going to my local doctor., severe stomach cramps - contractions on left side which is my predominant Pd side ( contractions) work tomorrow yet not sure if I will make it.

I don’t know movicol, I have always used fybogel – possibly similar stuff under different name? I have been getting repeat urinary infections and I’m not dealing well with it either. If fybogel is new to you then it is worth a try.

I have 2 sachets of strigol a day and find it works well for me

I have had PD over 10years now. And I am pleased to say that I am not constipated ( 6 times a week) . BUT I WOULD BE IF I didn’t take/eat the following. 2 sachets of LAXIDO , AT LAST 2 PIECES OF FRUIT DAILY (usually oranges or tangerines) and a handful of prunes with my ALLBRAN every morning, But if I didn’t immediate constipation the next day, and the next,

Please don’t think I am moaning and feeling sorry for myself - I am not but, I too have constipation and stomach cramps along with PD related Camptocormia which makes me bend forward - I think also contributes to my constipation. I take Movicol. Was suggested I take half a sachet a day. If it doesn’t work then up it to one every other day and half alternate days. Increasing to one a day if all else fails. I think it is trial and error until you get the balance correct.

Trouble is, then my stomach cramps which are there most of the day get even worse if I don’t take anything - and of course that means I become constipated hmmmmm. I also suffer from trapped wind and have a ‘bruised like pain’ in the morning when I first get up. I have a cup of hot water or peppermint tea which helps in the interim but doesn’t clear it and comes back again all day. My camptocormia is very very bad at the moment which doesn’t help the stomach cramps - moving up my body and is now at rib level.

I am trying to get it sorted one way or another - but - it is so hard to get to see my GP. It is an average 3 weeks before you get to see your doctor at my surgery which is no complaint against my GP Practice, the area the practice covers has grown and grown.

If anyone has any ideas or solutions, would be very very very grateful.

I understand, tried to go to work today I lasted an hour before it became to uncomfortable with the stomach cramps, then with bladder infection, constipation, ended up going to the gp, and few days off work again. The movicol, Ural satchels, plus meds and eating 2 oranges in the morning that frosty mentioned, has helped and on the road to getting better. I slept on and off for most of the day and had a migraine that has now gone after taken around 6 painkillers in the course of the day. Normally can take two and it’s gone, not this time. Some days suck, yet I am having more good days since my Pd meds. I have to learn and accept that sometimes I need to go to drs, and not leave it so late- which is a hard call for me to do. I am an Aussie and our motto has always been “She’ll be right mate!” Hope you can get things sorted for yourself take care.

Thankyou I have started to eat two oranges first thing in the morning as well as the movicol 3x day it has worked. Plus on meds for infection- for last 5 days lack of sleep, or more then usual, today feeling sick and slept most of the day away. Things are starting to look up.

I am on the road to feeling better on meds for the infection. Taking movicol (think I spelt it right- flavoured lemon and lime-tastes awful doesn’t even taste like it, also living on Ural. Couple of days off work, which is great as was so tired today, and slept most of the day away. Thankyou for your suggestion going to look it up and see if can find it.

Thankyou yes can get it at my local supermarket, does it have a pleasant taste, I am such a coward when it comes to meds and have to push myself to try anything I have to drink that involves health.

Virtually tasteless

I am still trying to manage my constipation without medication.
Oranges no help, added more fruit, no difference. added Weetabix with fruit and yogurt . then prunes ( 4 Dried ones per day), still no difference.
latest addition: 1 teaspoon of Flax seed and 1 teaspoon chia seeds to Weetabix and great improvement quite quickly. Long may it last. The seeds are not really noticeable in the Weetabix.
I saw Nurse recently and she thought I would have to resort to medication eventually but I will keep trying ideas I see on Forum until then if needed.

I used Mannitol. Can be ordered from Blackburn distributions. One level teaspoon in a cup of coffee in the morning keeps me regular. Google it - some Israeli scientists claim massive benefits for those with Parkinson’s but it doesn’t help everyone to the same extent. You must be hydrated before you take this though. I also take one Celery seed Extract tablet from swanson - this isn’t for constipation, but just to put this out there as to what seems to massively benefit me. Don’t take both at the same time as they are both diuretics. Mannitol in the Morning and Celery in the afternoon.

Caveat 3 years symptoms - no diagnosis yet. Currently only have vivid dreams, but previously constipated and had the start of a tremor.

Don’t forget to sing in the car or shower.

Thanks all for your advice. I am doing so much better, yet going to take all advice on board write all suggestions down. Just in case of emergencies.

I sought out the services of a good nutritionist who put me on the auto immune Paleo diet. It was a lot of work in the kitchen but well worth the effort. My digestive system is now a thing of joy. It is now recognised that PD probably starts in the gut. You are unlikely to cure your chronic digestive problems with simple palliative solutions. Google the AIP diet and learn all about it. The end of 10 years of misery for me. And it makes total logical sense very tasteful fly I might add! JCPB

see my older post: Constipation

What worked for me…I get frozen red berries from Iceland, thaw them out in a plastic container and stick them in the fridge. Then for breakfast each morning I eat a couple of spoonfuls with two tablespoons of 0% Greek style yogurt and the same of granola with sultanas. My husband says it looks a right mix up, and I guess it does - but it’s delicious. The berries ease the constipation and the yoghurt calms my stomach. If I have something different - then “trouble” is just around the corner. Made a huge difference for me.

Hi there my husband has found he has to have all bran ,fruit and a flax seed powder for breakfast , whole meal and brown bread pasta and rice for any carb during the day
He also has been using fibergel sachet every evening but might start having one in the morning. all this helps him , he doesn’t really eat any red meat mainly fish occasionally chicken but usually a vegetarian diet .
So far no need for anything else to help him