Tell us your travel insurance experiences

Have you had any experiences of buying travel insurance or making a claim on a policy?

We’re looking into travel insurance for people with Parkinson's in the next issue of The Parkinson. We’d love to include your stories – positive and negative – about the process. We’d also like to include some real life holiday snaps!

If you’ve got a story or want to send in a picture, leave a comment or email us: [email protected]

I was diagnosed last year,our travel insurance is with our bank Lloyds TSB,the insurer is AXA,I notified them before our holiday in September,they took a note of me having Parkinsons but was told no additional premium was necessary.
Thanks Anne29, that's good to hear. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? Or the opposite?

My experience is identical to Annie
My experience is somewhat different. Although I have been under a consultant
for 6 moths now, no diagnosis is so far forthcoming.

This means I have to declare to the insurance company that
"I am under a consultant for an undiagnosed condition".

This make me uninsurable.

I have had no problem with travel insurance to date but I have not had "unplanned " admission to hospital ,chocked and can walk unaided.
Hi. I use American express for travel insurance. Last year my pd was included in the policy with no charge but this year they charged £6.99 extra. Unsure whether this is consistent with other companies?
Hi Vicky
I have travel insurance via my bank account with Barclays. I advised them that I had Type 2 Diabetes and Parkinson's. Within a few days I had a letter stating that I was covered. The insurance at the moment is covered by Aviva.
Best of luck
I was charged very little extra for declaring PD on my holiday insurance, however I too had no hospital stays, was not a choking risk and I do not use a walking aid.


Hi Vicky


I went on a coach tour to Italy last year with my OH to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, booked through the Co-op and their insurance, told them I had the early stages of PD,said that was ok and didn't charge any extra!