Telling children about my diagnosis

I am wondering if anyone has any advice regarding telling children about Parkinson’s? We have 7 year old twins, and want to let them know what’s happening without upsetting them. I have been recently diagnosed and currently my symptoms are mild, but they have already noticed my hand tremor as well as some non motor symptoms of mood changes and depression.

Hi @Rich1,

We have a ‘Talking to children and teenagers’ section on our website with a lot of helpful tips and information on how best to approach a conversation about Parkinson’s with children. You can find this information here -

You can also speak to one our local advisers or one of our advisers via our helpline for more support on this. Please give us a call on 0808 800 0303 and you can search for your local adviser here -

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I would always remember to only answer the question your 7 year old’s ask…don’t add lots of detail…they may need time to digest the direct answer to their question…and then may process that information and come up with the next question.

I recall a grandmother being asked on a visit with her grandson to meet new baby in the maternity ward “where did the baby come from?” and trying to explain to the 3 year old the facts of life…but then the child interrupted and asked again…“No… where did the baby come from?” and the gran gets more anxious and begins to go into more detail…but then the child says “No! the baby wasn’t by Mummy…where was he before?”
simple answer “that room over there with the nurses!”