Telling my grandchildren

Hi all! I've been caring for my hubby for 12 years now and his symptoms are progressing quite rapidly. I feel the time has come to try and explain to my grandchildren who are 10 and 6 in more detail what is going on. At the moment grandad is just a bit shaky. I don't want it to get to the point where they shy away from him but I'm at a loss as to how to approach it. Does anyone have any suggestions which might help? 


would these be of help ?? something for them too read and then come back with questions you could answer?if so i think you can order them through from P.UK Aimed at 3-7 yr olds perhaps isnt ideal ??.


on looking further there is some for older children & teenagers guide  you can download all of them to see if its a suitable way for you

hope its been helpful.

Thanks sea angler I'll have a look. To be honest at the moment any help is good. It's not something I'm looking forward too! 

Hi kooky04

I told my grandkids as they soon as they noticed and asked about my symptoms, I kept it light and simple just a loose outline of what it was and how it affected me, 

Iv not told them I have Lewy body dementia as my children will help them with that when the time comes, telling my children I had Lewy body was difficult .

  Live Well.  Cc