Temperature control


Aged 52, it is often that I find myself sweating profusely for reasons of being a woman.

As if this is not enough, I am now convinced that the problem is made worse by my seemingly complete lack of temperature control which, after much searching , I can only put down to Parkinson's.

Does anyone else, female and menopausal, find this rings a bell?

Hi Mrs T.......Yes i know what you mean...i am 61 still on HRT ( a tiny dose now) after a Hysterectomy 17 years ago and feel the cold terribly........until recently, now i can be boiling one minute especially at night then "normal"!! i think it could be the meds for PD as i have not had this before. I take Requip XL at night and co-beneldopa (Madopar) 3 times a day. My nurse thinks i put everything down to Mr Parky!!!!! i guess it could just be for me the low dose of HRT and i am finally experiencing "HOT FLUSHES" have you spoken to your PD nurse about it? red face

My best wishes.....keep in touch



Hi, Dolly --

I just wanted to say that I LOVE putting everything down to Parky.  My friends are all getting old and forgetful.  Not me!  I just have Parkinson's and we all know it makes us a bit forgetful.  My friends are losing their fine sense of balance and can't get up off the floor easily because they are getting along in years.  I'm staying youthful, but of course I do have PD.  Some old people's hands tend to shake; mine would be perfectly steady if not for PD.

There has to be SOME value in enduring this disease!


Having always been a warm & sweaty girl (I only ever wore jumpers and coats if it snowed!) I had terrible menopausal hot sweats following a hysterectomy at 48.   HRT helped somewhat until about 18 months ago when I needed to carry a small towel everywhere I went!   Following my PD diagnosis 6 months ago age 52 and after discussion with my GP I decided to stop the HRT.   After a couple of months I found I could go out without needing my towel and although I'm still generally warm & sweaty I feel much better.   Perhaps the rasigilene has helped?   If I'm anxious I still tend to have a bad sweat.   Oddly my thermostat does seem to be broken as I can be cold, even on a hot day, for no apparent reason and then have difficulty warming up.   I've read sweating can be part of the whole PD symptoms, and whether it was my age or not I'm glad it's one thing which seems to have improved since my diagnosis.

it may be worth getting your hormone levels checked to see if it is your age, if it's not try layers of fine cotton clothing which can be added/removed as required and a folding fan - invaluable.

Hello mrs.t

                           Parky can cause havok with your bodies autopilot, by that I mean functions that maintain body temperature vision speech walking smiling and in my case even blinking (hence very dry eyes) can all be de-railed by our mutual enemy,in my case body temperature rockets skyward and becomes unbearably painfull if I find myself in crowds, thats why I never go to the big city shopping I do almost all my shopping  on my Laptop, yet despite being a very shy person I actively look forward to the talks or as my consultant calls them Lectures involving new intakes to the NHS at NTGH , its my way of knocking parky off his perch and another way of fighting back which is very important and works wonders for self esteem.

I also have another problem which is Prostate cancer, and this is under control at the moment ,I have Implants under my skin hormone implants which alone completely buggers up my bodies central heating, the if you add parkys wicked contribution, you could fry a egg on my chest.

                                   As Meri suggests do have a check up and there are many ways of controlling this stressful feeling and you will find one that brings relief.

                                                 Best wishes             Fed