Ten minute yoga

Friday 13th March seems so long ago. I had a physio appointment at my local hospital. The waiting room was so empty. I think it was one of their last clinics before lockdown. I’d been having an intermittent pain in my left wrist and although it didn’t hurt when I was pushing & pulling in the gym I was a bit wary of making it worse especially when I attempted to put weight on it in yoga.

It started over a year ago. I’d had a couple of weeks not using my trike when it was in for repairs. Then I think when I was dragging it in the house at an awkward angle my wrist didn’t like it. Even though I changed to the other way round to get it in the door I still kept getting the pain in my wrist mostly when I wasn’t doing very much at all.

The physio printed me out some exercises and I got a little I kg weight to do the wrist ones sitting at my desk.

The yoga teacher at the gym used to get us to do fast repetitive hand clenching to strengthen the wrists but of course with old parky I got slower and slower on the repetitions…

I’m pleased I managed to get back in the routine of yoga thanks to youtube clips.

My new computer very kindly tells me how much time I have spent in front of the screen every day so I would tell myself it won’t kill you to take 10 minutes to stretch yourself out in the morning.

Initially I aimed to clock up three times a week as that’s how often I used to go to the gym. Now I find I’m managing it nearly every day fitting it in before my second breakfast of the day so I have something to look forward to when I have got through it (how to motivate yourself to do exercise at home).

The lady who does this clip below has loads of different sequences – all free. So I have several I’ve bookmarked and when I’ve done one for a few days in a row I’ll swop and hopefully next around it’ll be a bit easier.