Five years ago I went through Prostate cancer radiology and afterwards I was prescribed Tamalosin to help me with enlarged prostate. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinsons and have been taking the varous dopamine drugs evr since plus an exercise routine with 9Zest a very good app. Reading about the trials in the uS about Terazosin I persuaded my cancer specialist to change me to this drug instead of the Tamsalosin. We did this slowly over a couple of months building from 1 mg a day to 10mg a day. It was a great effect on my prostate but even better on my Parkinsons symptoms! I feel so much more alive both mentally and physically ! Why arent we starting this generally over here? If my experience is anything to go by it would be very beneficial and its a proved safe drug…

I persuaded my GP to change my Prostate enlargement drug from Finasteride to Terazosin.
However I was then using three drugs that each lowered my standing blood pressure. So I am reflecting on the way forward.