Terminal Illness

Just wondering if PD is considered a terminal illness

Hi Snozzer,

Parkinson's is not considered to be a terminal illness. These pages on our website give some more information about what Parkinson's is, symptoms and treatments: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/about-parkinsons

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Hi. I know PD isn't a terminal illness but is Parkinsonism Plus Syndrome as 'nasty google' says there's a lock few expectancy of varying years for each plus?

Not terminal, but it may be life limiting due  to certain conditions which can cause complications for  PWP when it doesn't in those without the condition; swallowing comes to mind immediately.

PUK should monitor press reports where they say that someone has, 'died form Parkinsons' I have challenged some journalists on this and had no response to my complaint. You may die from complications associated with Parkinsons, as you may do with other life long conditions, but you will die with it, not from it. Parkinsons alone does not kill you off.