Hi all I was diagnosed with Parkinsonism about a month ago and I got my letter from the hospital today from my consultant from the diagnosis meeting and it said in it (Wrote the bits that i felt important).

"I discussed the result of the DAT scan which is clearly abnormal, consistent with a Parkinsonian syndrome diagnosis".

"The young age of onset and prominent dystonia did make me think about one of the rare genetic causes and in particular Parkin mutation."

"In fact some of our young onset Parkinsonian syndromes do very well with Madopar and he is keen to return to work if at all possible which I would strongly support. I would like to refer him as well to physiotherapy to start to improve movement and walking patterns and he would like to have a think before having DNA testing done which is very reasonable"

Is Parkinsonian syndrome just another terminology for Parkinsonism (Umbrella term including YOPD/PD)?


I did some googling and found this.


Medical Definition of parkinsonian syndrome

1:  parkinson's disease

2:  parkinsonism 2



Medical Definition of parkinsonism

1:  parkinson's disease

2:  any of several neurological disorders that are characterized by symptoms (such as muscle rigidity, slowness of movement, and impaired balance) similar to those of Parkinson's disease but have an attributable cause (such as drugs, toxins, brain injury, infection, or neurodegenerative disease) resulting in low levels or blocked activity of dopamine—called also parkinsonian syndrome, Parkinson's syndrome

This seems to tie together.. Why is it so many terms for one disease!


Mine says idiopathic parkinsonian syndrome and young early onset parkinsons in another phrase, could be it's the style  of wording that each Neuro chooses to define it in a way, my dat scan result said abnomal in both spheres of the brain, Tremor and other symptoms effect both sides of my body.

Idiopathic meaning they dont know the cause No one else in the family has it. Personally i believe i perhaps developed it from workin agriculture as a teen ager with pesticides.

the physio sounds encouraging for you.

Bump anyone else been told they have Parkinsonian syndrome?