Terrible stiffness

hello everyone, I would just like some advice. I am 2 years into my diagnosis and am taking 3x62.5 mg Madopar four times a day and 250 mg controlled release tablets at night. Despite the medication I am still incredibly stiff with a lot of shoulder pain and if I sit down at all I can barely get up. I thought the medication was meant to deal with such problems. I take my meds at 4 hourly intervals. My legs feel a ton weight and I have great difficulty trying to manoeuvre myself into position in bed. Is there anything else I need to do?

Hi Boomerang83
I have only been diagnosed for around 6 months but you have just put my mind at ease, I to am on Madopar, and have shoulder pain, also like you when I sit down I can hardly get up and when I do it takes me a while to get going, I was not sure if this was do to my PD or just me getting old, but you are on a higher dosage of medication than me, and was thinking of upping it, but now you say you still have the symptoms wondering if I should, all the best (sorry could not be any help )