I've recently been diagnosed with PD, and though obviously not happy, know that its a condition many people live with successfully on a day to day basis. I've other long term health conditions as well so realise you learn to cope and structure your life around the constraints your health places on you.

My health care team haven't issued me with any of my medication yet but I know its imminent. What REALLY terrifies me is all the stuff I'm reading about ICB. Does this affect every PD sufferer on certain medication? I'm a married man, retired, who lives a simple life with my wife and am horrified at the thought of becoming irrational with my behaviour. I'm reading the sufferer isn't aware and the thought of not being in control of my own actions really does worry me.

Can anyone give me any advice and words of comfort that has experienced this and if so, any thoughts on the best way of dealing with it.


Howdy Egor..or is it I-gor..I was also haded the new about the Parkies but have been dealing with this..situation for 3yrs and its been a learning experience...I read your concerns about the compulsive tendencys brought about by various Dopamenergic  meds and I'd ask you first iff you ever have had these prior to your PD...because as we know cigarettes, caffine and alcohol or a interest in gambling or women that exist..may signal future impulsive actions...With your wife a good extra vigilant set of eyes on you..she may notice changes..before they become bigger issues..So relax and hope the good aspects of the meds...help you feel better and live better...and everyone wins...and besides your awhere of this now... which means you care enough to ask...

Thanks ocean-song. Yes I've warned my wife to be watchful but I'm a strong character (she might say bolshie!!!) so I'm quite fearful. I guess its a watching and waiting game

In answer to one of  your queries, not everyone gets obsessive or compulsive impulses .  Its about 1 in 5 people on dopamine agonists  and  I did read that it wasn't related to priori inclinations although common sense seems to say it might.    The main thing is that you have someone to keep an eye because if  you are unlucky, denial and lieing about one's behaviour is part of the obsessional picture.