Testing on animals

I'm not sure if this topic has been covered before but I was wondering what the views of our forum members are regarding the testing of new treatments on animals. Many people think that all animal testing should cease immediately but I don't this is either practical or desirable. Many of today's life-saving drugs and therapies would not have been possible without testing on animals. Having said that, I think we should always endeavour to keep testing on animals to a minimum and always to make sure that there is no unnecessary suffering. Maybe one day we will develop ways of testing that do not involve animals but for now I think their use is vital. Do others agree?

Hi Christo

Yes, pretty much. But it's all a matter of degree. For some people keeping testing down "to a minimum" is not good enough, a copout, and that's why you have to have a total ban. Some will say that mouse and rat models are no more use than chocolate teapots anyway, and we've got plenty of computer models that would do as well.

So long as they don't start testing on cats . . .


this is only me ! but yes i think its ok on rats ,mice & rabbits but draw a line there ,have you seen planet of apes......