Thank you

To all the people that stayed with this forum and those who have joined recently I would like to say "Thank you".

When I joined the forum I found it such a godsend. I was confused, uninformed and frankly, scared witless by what was happening to me.As part of this forum I found support, first hand knowledge from people who were fighting PD and knew what they were talking about,a new kind of friendship and best of all a listening ear on bad days and in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, recently some negative elements were introduced ( I won't elaborate as we all know what I'm referring to). I found myself caught up in the nastiness so I withdrew.

I confess that I "lurked" from time to time and I now can feel some of the old positive elements of the forum emerging again and a more friendly, welcoming atmosphere developing.

So if you are one of the people who were loyal to this site and helped it through a bumpy patch I thank you sincerely.

And to all those who decided to join the mass migration, Hey! How about popping in for a natter now and then? I know you can hear me 'cause you're lurking aren't you!

The kettle's on ,and the lid is off the biscuit tin!

Peace and love.

hi tootsie
nice to hear a friendly voice,i normally get on site back end of the night after our lass has turned in and it's just like walking through a ghost town very eerie and quiet but lateley i think i sense people rising from there slumber or is it me just wishful thinking. i hope not it would be a shame to see the good advice and comradeship this site brings going to waste.i myself try to take the light hearted view of things and my usual contribution to the forum are the jokes in creative corner but thats just my way of dealing with this horrible affliction:imp: keep smiling:grin: ian s
hiya tootsie,thanks, this forum and pdjunction mean a lot to me they keep me goin ,i dont no wot i do with out the surport ihave had in the past ,with pd and other issues that ihave had to tackle along the way ,i joined this site few years ago,and i have kept loyal to it ,i joined pd junction when it first started and have kept loyal there too,there is no reason for anyone to cause trouble with any forums at all,we are here for one another to help not fite and squabble, i will stay here and at junc all the time .:smile:
Good on you Ali. Its people like you that we need on forums such as this one.
You give back just as much as you receive. How about some more poems? I really
enjoy reading them.

Hi ian s

Your jokes are great therapy. Laughter is the best medicine after all. Keep
them coming!:grin:

I never went ... This and another smaller forum saved me from sinking into an uninformed depression when first put on medication.

I think it's important that newbies feel they can ask questions . That way we can share experiences which really helps in preventing people from feeling uninformed and alone and builds up the forum. Newbies - Don't forget to search the main site and also read past threads. There's a wealth of info in past topics.

Tootsie a comforting little thread.... i'm sure many read the forum but don't pluck up the where withall to post.
Hi Tootsie, It is nice to know that not everyone has abandoned ship the marie celest
I would like to get to know others it is sometimes difficult to catch them!
Hello, everybody. I have been a 'lurker' for a little while, I just couldnt stand the atmosphere that was being created. Anyway I have decieded to rise to the call and make my presence known. I look forward to chatting to people again. I have noticed aa few new names so perhaps I should re-introduce myself.

I have been dx for nine years and retired from social work about 2 years ago, my specialism was with children. I worked for many years in child protection, then moved to fostering and then to adoption and I still undertake the odd assessment for a local council when I am needed.

When I joined this forum I found that I learned more from other people than any medical professional involved in my care(or not).

I'm hoping that my revival will be beneficial to any newly dx'd people and look forward to talking to everybody.

Hi Tootsie,
Pleased to read this posting.I joined at the beginning of January and don't know what i would have done without this forum.I was baffled when all the trouble arose and then was left feeling really down when things went quiet and it appeared many had moved over to another site.I took a furtive glance at the other site,but i am not brimming with confidence and was comfortable with this site which had helped me so much.I found myself posting to myself a lot of the time because things where so quiet.I stayed loyal to this site and hope that things will pick up from now on because at the end of the day we are all striving in the same positive direction.
All the best
Hi Tootsie and Glenchass - it is really good to see old names coming back to the forum. I was diagnosed last November and I have learned a lot more here than I have from my GP etc. although I must say I have a wonderful PD Nurse.
I have also joined another forum where I have found members to be very friendly but I also enjoy this forum although for a while it was in my view being spoiled by a minority with their argumentative comments.
Hopefully peace will reign and keep posting!
Best Wishes
Everybody stick with ship and don't worry about the
argumentive minority; remember sticks and stones etc.
Im not doing so bad with my PD, lifes generally going
as normal (three & half years PX); but the one good
(if thats the word to use) thing about getting PD is finding this
site and having so enjoyable banter.:sunglasses:
I also look in from time to time and although I have also joined the other site I still feel that PUK, as it's new branded name is now, is where I initially received a lot of support and useful information. So, although I do not post a great deal I shall still be here.
Livening with PD is not easy;
the Internet in some way helps us all communicate. That’s what it was created for.
The first PD site/forum I joined was the now newly named Parkinson’s UK.
The organization, the forum gave me lots of help, inspiration, and medical advice and dare I say it friendship.

Do I also belong to other forums and PD organization forums? Yes, I do! But that does not mean that I have abandoned Parkinson’s UK.

Thomas Jefferson once said,
“I never consider a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as a cause for withdrawing friendship“.

Things change and sometimes we need to move with that change, personally I like the change and the challenge. If being a member of other forums can help us share knowledge, information and broaden our experience then let it come. It can only enhance our one common desire to find a cure for PD and be amongst friends. Don’t ask what the world of people living with PD needs.

Ask what makes you come alive and go and do it. Because what that is what the world needs.

People who have come alive in one common cause. To be united and stand up as one people saying without fear; we have PD but we will find a cure!
This forum as the many other forums are fighting on our behalves to do just that , bringing people that have PD together so that we may share knowledge, experience and our human day to day living, our illness, our down falls, happy and sad moments.
Let’s never destroy that liberty.:sunglasses:
Well, here I am dipping a tentative toe back in. Although there were the the Good on here, helping and informing, there were far too many of the Bad and Ugly with their spite and playground behaviour. I came to the conclusion that the fact of having Parkinson's did not mean a shared experience nor that I had anything in common with them on any level, and so I withdrew. The horror stories regarding medication, and I am in no way denigrating the very sad histories recounted, made me so reluctant to start/modify medication that I lost months of what is now a comparatively 'normal' lifestyle. I am now stable, working full time, and have found my equilibrium again.
So, hello again and I'm not even sure what I'm doing here or if I'll be back more regularly but I just thought I'd support this very relevant thread.
hi popped in to have a look about, no i didn't i came to see what response if any my message had got, not a lot, now who said that eh? Smilyparky and tootsie can take a bow for at least trying to raise a bit of interest from the palpable apathy, but if there is anyone else who i have not noticed sorry, but you will let me know won't you?

Some time ago i posted this poem about a similar situation on the forum and by jove, now who said that, by jove,i opened a can of worms and a hornets' nest, but somehow i think the damage will take a while to be repaired here, because there are not enough dedicated builders about.

A roar from within says dinner is served and the cats are sniffing, so better go now before it's too late, but it is not too late for here.

Read on and make your mind up.

The old tree was dying, the leaves had fallen away,
Only bare branches left, starkly seen one day,
People then were asking ,why could this possibly be,
They were so blind or gullible, that they just couldn’t see.

The caustic effect took its toll, from an influence overpowering
Slowly dried up all the leaves it needed for surviving,
A blast of wind tore off a limb, it was of such great length,
Gave it a chance to grow again, getting back its strength.

Look at that same tree today, it’s plain what you see there,
Buds all over branches now, which once were painfully bare,
Bursting into life again, from the trunk out to the fringe,
Obsequious people asking why, be honest, you will cringe.

If you don’t see the point I make, or maybe not too quick,
The cause of this is plain to see now, need I drop a brick,
Recent times have seen the trouble, I know that I dare say
From all who wanted peace and quiet all you heard was mercy.

Now there are some who see no wrong, they know just who they are,
Their loyalty was obvious but, could be misguided much too far,
When havoc lay all around, they could not see beyond their nose,
But human nature as it is, they picked it, the direction that they chose.

Missed him! Damn!

How did you manage that then?