Thank you

I'm 50 years old i got diagnosed in February this year which was a huge shock,if felt as my world had just collapsed,for several weeks after everything was just a blur,but with help from friends and family,and Parkinson's uk I am coming to terms with my illness,I joined my local PD group,talking to others with same illness which has helped a lot,so I want to say a huge thank you to my friends and family ,Parkinson's uk for their support......

Hi Teza,

I just wanted to welcome you to the forum and congratulate you on the amazing progress you have made in coming to terms with your diagnosis in only three months.

It sounds like you are very lucky to be surrounded by supportive people, but getting out there and seeking specific support from your local Parkinson's group and Parkinson's UK is a great step forward. I'm delighted that it you are finding it helpful and I'm sure you will also get plenty of help and support from other members of the forum whenever you need it.

Best wishes,

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Hello Teza and welcome.


I haven't been on the forum for a few weeks, but I am exhausted this pm after gardening in am, so I am browsing through the forum again. I was diagnosed in 2010. It took so long tonget a confirmed diagnosis that I sort of missed out the shock, in fact it was a relief to know what was wrong. I'm glad you have found help in a local group, it is all part of the' you are not alone' feeling.

I have found that you can ask any questions you like on here, someone will try to help.

best wishes


Hi mosie thank you for the welcome....sorry reply as been long but due to work commitments,sorry to hear it took so long to be confirmed...I am finding my local group very helpful with dealing with PD ....



Thank you for welcome Mara sorry took long to reply work commitments,