Thankful for people like you out there....

Hi everyone,

My name is Veronica and I am a registered manager for a domiciliary care company.

It happened for me to discover this forum whiles I was surfing the internet to find more information on how else I could do to support one of or clients and I cant express in words how this has made my day.

I can’t thank you enough to each and one of you for creating the forum, for having the courage to talk about how you feel and what you dealing with everyday, for those out there which are in the position of dealing with something like this and for all the positivity which I can pick from each of the post I have read so far.

Thank you all, you all making a difference in someone’s life

I will encourage everyone that I an interacting with on this topic to access this forum as is just the perfect way to learn

Thank you

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@VeronicaM well done and thanks for checking us out.

As you have seen we are a friendly bunch, only too happy to share our thoughts and experiences. Well I am. Diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. Shook me up a bit at first, then thought, “no need to start feeling sorry for yourself. Get up, grab this thing with both hands, look at it square in the face and say this is my life. You’re not welcome here, I’m going to make the best of it”. So that’s what I do. Take each day as it comes, do what I can and when I can’t write a little poetry.

Everyone is different, we all deal with this in different ways. There are good and bad day’s, deal with it the best you can then move on.

Good luck and keep safe Veronica.


Hello VeronicaM
I just wanted to stop by and thank you for taking the time to write your lovely post. It was wonderful to hear you took so much from the forum and that you will encourage others to seek us out. Parkinson’s generally is not well understood because we may all have the same diagnosis and similar symptoms but their impact on each individual can vary enormously. Anyway now you’ve found us don’t hesitate to stop by if you’ve any questions or comment to make or indeed if you just want to let us know how things with your client

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