Thankyou all kind folks for helping m back on the forum my laptop crashed (WELL I DID WARN IT) into the wall  I was fed up with its  glitches,,sorry  thats  not true its very sillly  and dont  do  this  at  home, any way I am back on and  my name is ARMOURED,  which I try to be against parky,  so hello  must  go


Hi Armoured,

Welcome back! We're always happy to help with the forum, please just let us know :-)

Best wishes,

Joanne - Digital team


   Hello sweetpea, and thanks again, there was a bit of a hiccup when I logged  out  then  back  in my new  password was not accepted, so I am about  to  post  my  new  new  password so it will  test  it here  now  wish  me  luck

Armoured (formerly fedexlike) tells me that I can find his new private email address by looking in his profile.  He is so specific as to say it is located about 3/4 of the way down in the profile.  But the only profile I can find is an abbreviated one of a single paragraph.  Can you help?  Is there some other profile as well?  I have sent two private messages to him to give him my email address again, but I've received no response  and therefore do not know if my messages are going through.

J of Grey Cottage

Ah  that  may  be  the  problem I thought the  only  way I would be able  to  rejoin my  friends was with  a  new  name and   I  thought Armoured  was  a  good one and I forgot  to cancell it  will do  now

                        MANY EVERAPPPOLOGIES I am  a  plonker at  times

                                                      Fedexlike2eye roll