That troublesome BED

Many of us have trouble at bedtimes and there is whole host of good ideas on offer. I think ,though, I could add something that works for me including a name for each simple move so we are speaking the same language. Hope it makes sense good luck: Banjo-boy

  1. Stand facing the bed and pillows
  2. Start rotating anti-clockwise and let go with just amount of speed to land on the mattress (Parkinson Twist)*
  3. Try to carry your feet together underneath the top sheets
    4, Rest a while then use your elbows/hands to move along (PD shuffle)
    5, To finish , reach the original side and combine the arm strokes with kicking movements up and down to reach the ground. (Angle kicks)
  4. Be careful ,try to put weight on your right foot. Use a bedside table to help both feet to land safely. Congratulations. (Touchdown,)
    Good luck
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A quick check of my PC’s clock tells me it’s not April 1st, so I presume this routine works fine for you.
My concern would be stage 2, the ‘rotating’ aspect, be it clockwise or anti-clockwise, as PD is known to affect your balance. Indeed it’s one of the tests employed in initial diagnosis. Go carefully.

Hi @banjo-boy, :wave:

Not sure if you’ve posted this in jest and if so, apologies for my lack of understanding (or sense of humour :laughing:). However, if you’d like tips for sleep and night problems, we have a lot of information via the Parkinson’s UK website. Please visit the page here: Sleep and Parkinson's | Parkinson's UK

Best wishes,

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Hi Reah, (and Phil63 -don’t know how to reply to more than one person? ) . No, my post is not an April Fool - but I concede that it could be seen as such without a context. If you search for banjo-boy you will hopefully gather that I intend to be a bit irreverent and try to use humour as a means of ‘getting it of my chest’
As PD comes in all shapes and sizes and levels of ability , (indeed the recent Parcon online featured a top ranking table tennis champ I bet he could swivel and move around in bed as easy as pie.) We are. all grown up and I wouldn’t discourage anyone to self monitor and write as they feel…
I try hard to monitor my writings- so as to be aware of people’s sensitivities and not upset any one. I suffer like you on a daily basis but I’m sure you won’t want me to share all the grisly details
Thanks for your interest. ‘Live long and prosper. ‘ Banjo-boy
We are all grown up

Hi Reah, Thanks for you input. Please see latest notes and reply to to Phil. :clown_face:
On a technical point , how do I reply to more than 1 person? Is it possible or am I a bit of a twit with IT . Thanks.