Thats not me in the mirror

When I look into the mirror nowadays I don’t recognise the guy looking back. I seem to have developed a very dour look and my face appears frozen with a default scowl and a gormless open mouth. Its not a pretty sight and I wondered,
Does anyone else not recognise themselves?

I wake up for a pee in the night, look in the bathroom mirror and think there’s a burglar in my house.:scream:
You’re still the same person.
If others don’t think so, it’s their problem not yours.
Since my diagnosis I have put on masses of weight. Lost my hair.Developed a limp and a slight stoop.
I often salivate when I talk and my legs are seriously swollen.
I had to sign some documents yesterday.
Thirty odd signatures .
By the time I got to the last one my signature had virtually disappeared.
Do you know what?
Stuff it.
I’m not going to let something that isn’t my fault get me down.
I think I’ll get a t-shirt printed with " Parkinson’s and proud " on it.
One day at a time.

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@Hubby, Mornin again and by the way, the signature isn’t mine either.

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Hi malcT
Dont matter how you look its what you feel inside
Sometimes i laugh because of a joke or something ive seen
But to look at me sometimes my facial expression is so blank it looks like a false laugh but i am actually laughing , my friends can see , people who dont know me find it harder to see
Im learning how to again its getting easier but its not easy sounds daft i know
Then again if im honest i never looked good in a mirror
Not at my age anyway
Dont be dis hearted
You dont to wear your heart on your sleeve to prove you have one
You may think you show no expression but others who know you will see it
Take care my friend

Hi Keith,
Thats brought a smile to my face.Thanks for the kind words and keep on smiling :slight_smile:

Morning ,
Last night was my first night in a week being off.
Short version
I was mugged and got a good beating coming home from my sons, last thursday had a heart attack , ended up in hospital where doctors fixed me again so here i am
This forum and everyone i chat and message are like an extended family
Before i found it , i was miserable , crumpy , but now no more, im improving everyday inside myself although i still have one of those days
If you ever have one of those days or even if you dont you can always message me i will always reply
Take care my friend

yes i have the same thing sometimes my wife will ask "what s the matter with you? i say what do you mean she says you have a weird look on your face

Ive been with my wife 32 yrs . Married 25 yrs, i always have a wierd look on my face now
When my wife asks me if im all right its like shes asking me if the dress shes wearing makes her look fat

Hi penfold,
thank you for sharing that. Its good to know, like a friend told me recently “I`m not alone”.

Hi Kieth.
I sincerely hope I don’t offend any Lady members, but we do seem to be wired differently.
I have been married to my wife now for 50 years and whilst she is Golden I still struggle to tell the difference between a green light and a red one!
Very sorry to hear about your recent mugging, it must have been frightening and im only too pleased you came through it OK.
Some peoples brains are just painted on.
Best wishes

Good to see you back Keith.
There are really too many low life around.

I have always been a pretty tactful person , but this Parkinson’s is stretching me to the limits.
I’m sure that half the people I have told about my condition just think I’ve made it up.
An excuse for being slow,putting on weight and being tired all of the time.

'You look well on it." Was a quote from the other day .

At the time my legs and feet were screaming "Sit down.Youve been on us for five hours ".
I could have slept standing there in front of this person.
I needed a pee and my mouth was as dry as a bone.
I didn’t feel “Well” on it at all.

I managed to refrain from what I wanted to say…Just…