The Bacon Sandwich

I have just been in a battle, yes friends a fight to make  ALI---FRAZIER  look sissy by comparison ,I have worn myself to a frazzle trying to eat that most delicous of snacks ,The Bacon Butty, according to the laws of PD anything that you really enjoy must be accompanied by the severeist  form of Dyskinesia , in other words the Brain cells I have left simply cannot contain their exitement if I attempt to do anything where I may b e party to that which we humans call pleasure, they get so exited they forget their primary tasks , keeping me stable and send signals to all the wrong places at 100 times the normal velocity, ,,,,result,,I end up like a demented puppet, covered in tomato sauce with tea all down my shirt, do  I hear laughter  echoing around the Forum, well its not funny it happens when I try to eat ch ocolate cake, ice cream fish and chips curry, not all at once mind , so here I am completely kn/???red  I have succeeded in eating my supper but what a ordeal most times I just give up but it is a good way to lose weight.