The benefits of exercise -

Here’s a newly published study on the effects of exercise on mortality -

Association of Physical Activity, Including Amount and Maintenance, With All-Cause Mortality in Parkinson Disease | Lifestyle Behaviors | JAMA Neurology | JAMA Network

The Conclusion says -

" An inverse dose-response association between the total PA [physical activity] amount and mortality was found in both men and women with PD. Those who maintained PA before and after receiving their PD diagnosis showed the greatest mortality reduction, while PA after the PD diagnosis was also associated with reduced mortality. "

Which means that I must look at ways to do more exercise.


Lovely lemon. did you paint it? I am going to show this to my beloved. I think I should also listen myself as I am Old (ish) and am sure it is good for everyone.

Cezanne painted the lemon.

I did have a go at drawing last year, but my hand has got a bit more shaky since then.