The best keyboards for people with Parkinsons?

My mum was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2003.  She recently is having more trouble with keyboards.  She is trained as a typist as has an IPAD and a standard laptop but finds that the keys on the laptop and screen on the IPAD are too sensitive for her fingers now.  I thought it might be a good idea if she got a deeper keyboard that plugs into her laptop.  What do you think?  Any advice?

Thank you


Google Steady Mouse for a free download which allows you to tailor the speed/sensitivity of the keyboard.

Also there are options to  make adjustments via the Microsoft Accessories/Ease of Access route (Windows7)

or   similar on other versions of  wndows.


I am a touch  typist. and am constantly hitting the control button plus another key and getting unwanted shortcuts which I don't notice till I realise that  the last few sentences have not registredt Does anyone know how to disable short cuts?


Awesome!  I had no idea that this was possible.  Will look into it.