The best medicine

Yoga is ok but such a challenge. The sequence I’ve been doing this week starts off really slow with quiet sitting before we even get to thinking about breathing. I can’t sit still because I’ve got akathisia. My legs behave themselves sitting cross-legged but I can’t keep my hands on my knees or get them to stay together for prayer position. So I do some abdominals/legs while she goes through that stuff. Then onto a child’s pose. Not relaxing for me. I struggle to control my body as my upper body wants to rear up, forehead wants to be anywhere but on the mat. Concentrating on the breathing goes out the window…

I don’t have much in the way of grace, fluidity or coordination either. She maKES it look so easy – on the forward fold she does a variation where your arms aRE supposed to swing loosely from side to side – I’m slow stiff & jerky

When I’ve done my bit for the day I rewaRD Myself with a second breakfast & stick the music back on . I find a dance class to my favourite kind of music. Ok so I can’t coordinate myself too well so putting arms & legs together is a lot but the music gives me back fluidity which is a great pleasure & I can try and copy the moves one bit at a time. The magic of music is that it turns akathisia into a virtue – you are supposed to move all the time so you no longer have to struggle to try & suppress it & somehow the right rhythm eases the stiffness…
aFRODANCE CLASS TO Pheno Ambro (Togo)

Hello, Appletree!

I have read your story. And I feel very sorry that you have those challenges.

I have also tried different yoga techniques along with the brief excuse into esoterics and, besides, the idea of healing yourself with a start from the mind. I just found a good Healing Course which allowed me to see myself and my health problems from another side.

Please, do not give up and fight for your health. I hope everything will be great with you and people around you.