The brain

Good Morning to all, and is a good morning here in Northumberland, I have shaken off the terrible depression and feel great DD is working and I feel most capable, "Two monkeys were in the bath one of them began screeching in the way that monkeys do, you know eeeeeeeh eeeeeh ooooh ooooh eehch,his pal said"well put some cold water in then," that in case you missed it was a joke, now here comes the puzzle, how does my brain go from a world of hurt, to a world of joy in 24hrs
I am the same person but an entirely different personality, What do you call a man who owns a Health Club,"Jim Nasieum", sorry Iam being silly my beloved has no time for silly and is a very serious person, this can be a bit tiresome when I feel well as I want to do things like going for a swim in the sea, she scolds me when I suggest this as I cant swim ??? , Absailing off the Tyne Bridge to raise money for the Raising Money for Charity organization, they raise money for charity,"What do you call a Donkey with three legs, "A WONKEY " as you can tell I am in a much better place now and I want to stay this way , I do not want to let
BLACKHEART WIN so this complex rather ugly grey lump of rather grey ugliness is planning, planning Ah yes I remember that, that was when I used to want to do things and BLACKY would say "Sorry you cant do that" and shut me down ,now the foots on the other glove, Ah yes,whos got the upper hand now eh ,old Fed that's who, incidently the ugly grey lump I mentioned earlier was my brain, just incase
you were thinking I was referring to myself. The Brain,as I was going to say before I interrupted myself is a fantastic piece of kit it has ,or at least mine has been running almost faultlessly for 62 years ,oh its had its moments it has caused Mayhem joy sadness fear courage bravery, it developed amazing skills allowing me to operate a 30 ton excavator to 30mm tolerances it alerted me to a certain young lady in june 1981 two years later she became my wife ,Ah yes that was a good decision ,though we fight and squabble over silly things as most couples do, I am so happy that my brain gave me the courage to ask her out, you might think this odd, but our first date was to a sewage works, they were having
a open day and as I had done quite a lot of work there I thought she would be interested,,Er No, silly me ,isn't everyone interested in what happens after you
flush the loo, My Brain can instantly call up memories I can remember thing I used to do when I was six and have instant recall of all that I have done in the Intervening years,,NO COMPUTER CAN DO THIS, it is astonishing even a badly damaged
brain can function on a far higher plain than all the worlds put together,Now where was I , oh yes as I was saying ,Parky has held me back and blighted my life for over 15 years but now I have a chance to have a much better quality of life
thanks to the Duodopa, and I am going to take that chance, starting today.
The very best of Kindnes Regardesness Fedex

Hi fedexlike.
Northumberland - music to my ears!
We used to live on the edge of Gosforth park racecourse and could get down to the coast very easily.
A lovely county - apart from the cold! - after all these years still miss the sea.
Used to like Berwick - way back there was a bathing pool on the beach - filled by the tide and freezing.
Where abouts are you?

Hello Jackmin, sorry for not replying promptly , I have been away a couple of days
I live in Seaton Delaval, do you know it, near Whitley Bay. My life is up and down at the moment the Duodopa is taking a bit getting used to and its a bit of a love hate relationship at the moment, its effective and I need it, but , well I will leave it there for now, whats your connection to Northumberland, Englands most northerly and least populated county,I roamed far and wide of my Homeland
until parky struck but still do shorter trips but climbing Cheviot is no longer possible.
Kindest Regards fedex:smile:

Hallo there fedexlike. Hope you are enjoying some sunshine - smashing day here but a very strong wind.
Knew Seaton Delaval well - wish i was there!
My wife and I were both born and bred in canny Newcastle and met in early days of the war. We were both called up and did 4 years war service -she in the Waaf while i was Navy - spent two and a half years with the Eastern Fleet which meant we didn't see each other for all that time.
Came down to Derby 1963 and have lived in village ever since.
As I said, we still miss the sea and thought we would go back North when I retired but by then we had grandchildren here and would have left them all behind.
Family has grown since then - 16 greatgrandchildren at last count!
Enough about us, fedexlike, hope you are feeling better. This PD takes some understanding and I admire all who contribute to the Forum and wish everyone all the best.
Mustn't forget to ring my big sister - still in Newcastle.
Cheers for now!

Hello Jackmin, You seem like a very happy person ,just the kind of individual we need on the forum,its nice to read of your history I bet you have many a tale to tell. I have lived in Delaval all my life , well almost, four years in Cumbria and the rest in or around Northumberland,Ihave two Daughters and Five grandkids four boys and one girl ,17 15 10 8 8 yrs, nice to hear from you, take care.

The secret is not to live in Pity Me.

Hi Fedexlike,
Yes, the brain is truly a marvelous piece of kit.
An information processing system second to none.
It`s more than capable of processing thousands of detailed computations every second.
It starts working from the minute you wake up and doesn`t stop working until The Antiques Road Show appears on the TV.

Hi Fed, So pleased to hear you are feeling a lot better. You are very brave to have gone through everything you have. Keep on being happy, it suits you ! Love Blue Angel x

Hi leyther
We used to live in Wideopen!

Is Wideopn near inn-a-ttent?

Yep the brain is amazing alright. 3lb of grey matter 75% of which is water,(same as the earth, give or take), 100 billion neurones (same number of stars in our galaxy) making 2 trillion connections ( the same number as our national debt). All hinging on the production of dopamine from a single source the size of a pea. ( the same size as a pea).

As amazing as it is bonkers.

much as i hate correcting anyone, if 75% of the earth was water we would have a very wobbly planet, much like being on a giant spherical waterbed (note waterbeds can be fatal to people with pd as you may never get to your breakfast). the surface of the earth may be 75% covered in water, but most of the mass of the earth is a swirling mass of molten iron and nickel with a solid centre as hot as the sun.
the brain has a similar water content to the banana but is shaped more like a cauliflower - a sort of caulinana, not very appetising but then neither are brains (the thalamus is particularly chewy).

I did say give or take ! our bodies are 50% water and I don't resemble a waterbed ( pokes stomach to make a point). Mmmmm ok I'll give you that.

in my case king size water bed with ripple effect.
can you remember the days when water beds were an erotic option rather than a death trap?
mind you they were always dubious eg when wearing spurs or eating kebabs.

Some interesting replies there, I love Brains me, with a jacket potato and Heinz
Baked Beans, Question ? if you eat Brains ( Human) do you become clevererer, or
do you not. It seemed to work for Hannibal Lecter,he used to scoff human brains
and he became a film star:sunglasses:,but seriously my original post has caused other brains to answer and wish to communicate, in truth our bodies are simply a mechanism utilized by our brains to keep it safe and well fed, stimulatedby countless activities ,there are humans who play host to outstandingly brilliant
brains , Turnip for instance, then there are people like those sick b,,"?(s in
Boston who are in possession of very evil brains , its the same organ but so so
different, isn't nature wonderful.Blue Angel my workshop repairs are about to begin, when complete , Spitfire shall move back on the production line sorry it has taken so long but the four estimates I obtained and presented to my insurance
company, ranging from £4450--to £1225 were mulled over for six weeks , they gave the go ahead with the £1225 guy???????????????? why six weeks,a single cell amoeba
could have worked that out in two seconds, why six weeks and countless phone calls
to obtain a result, but wait that's not the best bit, when I rang the lucky recipient of the tender he could hardly summon up the energy to speak to me, then
he said, and I quote,"Its £2000 now you waited too long",,(give me strength).:disappointed:So my son in law is going to do it for nowt,,isn't the human brain a
truly amazing brilliant wonderful creation.:rolling_eyes:
Kindest Regards my Friends fedex:sunglasses: