The camera

Never underestimate Mother Nature, she will lull you into a state of false,
security then bang! cracks you round the back of the head, how dare you think
your secure stable and without fear,Imagine me thinking I seem to have stabilized over the last few days,fat chance for today I visit my local NTGH ,
for the much feared camera job,I recently had a few problems and to my great joy
and excitement along with overwhelming anticipation I have been awarded the first
prize, the Internal bowel exam. I have undergone this procedure many times yet it
still strikes the fear of God into me, I just cant get used to the Idea of some
person making a video of my insides, why do people want to do this for a living,
I can understand the fascination with the Brain Eye Lungs and Heart,Bone
structure Skin Liver Kidneys, etc, but not Bowels ,think back to when you were
in third or fourth year at school, starting to think of careers , never ever no
no no not once did it ever cross my mind "Bowel Examiner" I really fancy that
NOT , so here I am shaking in my boots, that was shaking by the way,and my
appointment isn't until 1PM , oh Happy Days, Onward and Upward as they say,
Maybe I should rephrase that. You will be thinking of me wont you !?
It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it! :grin:

I can't imagine anyone starts their medical career with this in mind - proberbly an opportunity presents itself and at the time it is a good career move. Thank goodness some people are prepared to do it. I agree that "bowel surgeon" dosesn't have quite the same ring to it as "brain surgeon" though.
PS Good luck, I hope all goes well for you.
All I can say is you brave ,brave,brave person. I can't think of anything worse..tongue in cheek ,unless they shown it on Channel 4 .Hope it goes well Angel 4ux
hi Fed
I have had the same thought many times, did the bowel specialist
a) get pissed the night before and nothing else was left on the notice board
b) put his hand up when he misheard 'colon' as 'Colin'?
c) have great interest in rear ends
d) come bottom of the class

i think c) is the most worrying possibility.
ps rear end scopy is better than down the gullet scopy.
Exactly just curle up and have a thought for the poor man next through the door for his endoscopy. ( this is basically a repeat of what turnip just said. Your feeling of dread is the enema kicking in.. Whoooooof. :fearful:
Thanks all my good friends for adding strength to my resolve,it all went very
well as I KNEW IT WOULD, it was a bit musical in the recovery ward, but other than that it was fine, I was even interested by the tv picture of my insides.
once again first class NHS Thankyou all. Fed:sunglasses: