The Disabled Friends

That's great Terexill, and welcome to the forum. I guess that your group are pretty supportive of each other, which is very welcome when suffering from a chronic condition like pd. I do hope that you continue to meet and enjoy each others company, you certainly sound like you value their friendships.

Long may you all continue to meet! Take care

hi terexil, i belong to my local branch of pd uk west cumbria group i have met some lovely people i go to a hydrotherapy class once a week and tai-chi once a week some of the class have pd others are carers but it is such a lovely bunch of people i feel the better for having met them all, we all so go on day trips we recently went to an outward bound centre for the disabled it was brilliant, the group has been going for ten years now and we are always doing something most weeks i can honestley say that its one of the pro,s of having pd (probably the only pro) i would encourage anyone with pd to join there local group i am glad i did. sue.
Hello Lily
This wil have to be quick as Parky is shutting me down, you are obviously benefiting from your group which has to be good ,I used to live in Cumbria , Burgh by Sands well Old Sandsfield on the very edge of the Solway I loved the peace and tranquility i do miss the place.:grin:
Must go Kindest Regards ( fedexilike )

Hello Fedex X I came across you being on here many years back when putting in a search for Old Sandfield Cottage I was blessed to call my home for 8 years. I have just became a member here as came here to my mums for first lockdown 20 months back. Can no longer get back to my own home as she is far too ill to leave her and now a 24/7 full time carer for her. Just thought I would say hello. I left Sandfield in 1992 :frowning: Was just up for rent again as a whole this year! I did try! New tenents take over Feb 16th