The dubious benefits of pd

well  here I am, its 230 am and I am very tired but monstrous night terrors have forced me out of my bed so I thought I would calm down calm down! and post a post and you know how we all condemn PD and the harm it does to our species, well what about the benificial aspect of BLACKHEART  for instance I dont have to drag myself out of bed on bitter cold winter mornings de icing the car before setting off in a blizzard to travel up to ninety miles  to a building site only to be told "no good son snowed off" ,but if I got there they had to pay me for the day so I went. Then there is  no    rushing about  doing things at the last minute I have lots and lots of free time and can relax a lot so things run at a slower pace now. Then there is the D V L A who took away my  licence to drive, rightly so I might add as I would be lethal on the roads now so I have my own personal driver my Beloved though this is of questionable benefit ,she has made our little Yaris change its shape a few times and despite my efforts to keep the car pristine the scars mount up,, musnt grumble as they say .Then there is our income which is greater than when we were both working , we have two pensions and another due to mature plus my benefits means we can still save so no worries there, and the house is paid for, more than ten years ago. You  are proba bly thinking Ive got it made but no, when BLACKHEART hits and paralyses me as it still does,I would trade all of the above to be free of the evil merciless , in one second I would delight in the hardships of the working man, alas that is not going to happen, so I  am going to venture back into the perilous slumber ,,,,,wish me luck

                                    Night Night              FED


Dear Fed

I have also been thinking about the benefit of having Parkinson's. It has taught me ways to accept my stammer and depression:

Yes, I am say two massive negatives can, when combined and thought of in a helpful way, make a positive!

dr j

Good morning  Dr Johnny   Once again I find that we are on the same track ,to most people reading some of the things we write would indicate a few loose screws but when you read the messages in the messages if you get my drift it all makes sense. On a completely different tack beloved has purchased one of those new phones, you know the ones I mean ,when you press certain keys you can sample time travel and go back to the time of the border reivers in my part of Northumberland , these were marauding gangs of thugs whos hobbies included raping pillaging and riding their bikes without lights, the latter of which attracted the d maximum  sentance of being hung drawn and quartered , no light sentances in those days eh , she is now trying out the different  tones   and music for different functions, great when you are trying to concentrate oh  now she has taken a photo of next doors cat sqaring up to my other neighbours RottweilerJaponeseAkitaPitbull cross   unusuallly this dog which is the size of a small horse has the temprement of a Hamster and it has just ran away sqealing and yelping   ,hilarious ,well at least things are normalising again after another night of torture ,lets see what the day brings John.

                                           Kindest Regards   Fed

Hi fed

Have you been watching "A Clockwork Orange"? The old ultraviolence?

Who would want all there screws fitted nice and tight? Wouldn't that be really boring?!

You could see the RottweilerJaponeseAkitaPitbull cross as Parki's - we are the cat driving this disease away with our "craziness"; there it goes, yelping away! Well crazy I am then!

Look after yourself!

dr j

You are not crazy Doc, your brain my brain and everyone else afflicted with PDs brains are subjected to a unceasing barrage of cruelty, this horrible battering has two effects , both to a lesser or greater degree and depending upon the attitude of each individual, you can see humour fun amusement even when in the most dangerous and difficult times, I have always tried to use humour to lift me out of bad situations ,for instance when I was faced with bullying at school I would tell jokes and do impressions of the Sea Goons , the bullies were too busy laughing to bully me and so it is with PD I have subconciously reverted to type and It does work not always as good as I would like it too , but it does work mind you when I was crawling to the loo at 4.30 am  I did not feel even a flicker of amusement.  There is another problem happening with me, I enjoy a good chat with someone who has the same interests and hobbies but I find that when my braincell has to work hard  trying to remember words it will do its best then collapse in a heap and will not respond to any stimuli until it has recovered, it does this whenever I am doing something exiting or frightening or any emotional event like remembrance Sunday , the highly charged emotions shut me down , even the pleasure I used to get from building and flying Aircraft is too much for me now and I cannot react quick enough and lose control this results in expensive repairs so that has ceased forthwith. N ature can be cruel as everyone who corresponds on  this Forum knows , but one day all will find peace when Humankind frees us from this viscous thug inside our heads.                Kindest Regards             Fed

Hi fed

I agree, my symptoms get worse when I'm nervous.

I gave up drawing 3 years ago because of my symptoms but a few months ago I started again. I realised the end point of drawing doesn't matter; it is the PROCESS that matters, the actual putting pencil to paper and not prejudging it. I think this has become a rule of thumb for me in my dealings with Parki's; the process is important not the goal! The goal teaches you what you already know, the process teaches you what you don't know. I much prefer focusing on the process!

Take care

dr j

Hi Fed,

One beneficial aspect of Parky`s I`ve encountered is the amount of money I now save on a night out with my mates at the Kings Head.

By the  time I`ve struggled to get my hand in my pocket to retrieve my wallet, somebody else has paid for my round of drinks - mind you, I do tend to spill more than I drink nowadays so I`m quite sober when I arrive home..........there you go, another positive benefit ! smile


Hi Fed,

So far I have found a lot of benefits from having PD. Most of them would also arise had I acquired some other “condition”.

  • When friends or family ask me how I am I know they mean it and really want to know, and that they care.
  • I have a much fuller social life, both IRL (support groups, other PwPs, support organisations) and online (forums, PwP friends from other countries).
  • I get out to seminars, symposiums and annual conferences.
  • I live by a town where big exciting events like the WPC are going to be held in a few years' time.
  • My mind is stimulated by reading research findings, doing surveys, etc.
  • I get more mail and email (from support organisations).
  • I cut myself some slack when it takes me a long time to get something done.
  • I rejoice in small victories, like opening a jar without assistance.
  • There is more of a “now” element to my daily life.  (Do it while I still can)
  • I give myself permission to work on the fun things, and procrastinate some of the boring stuff.
  • I am more inclined to try something new or try reusing the old stuff (dormant extra languages come to mind, but would love to play the piano again).

Ask me next year and you’ll probably get a different answer.

All the best!

Hello Sheryll    inspirational reply, you certainly keep yourself busy, I on the other   hand have a sadly lacking ability to have what can only be described as a normal day , PD is becoming more unpredictable each day that passes I make a whole hearted attempt to do as many things as I can then sooner rather than later I can feel the undertow that is parky cutting my legs out from under me ,its very frustrating when you can see what needs to be done but cant move, and the more I try the worse it gets so  i  have no choice but to boost the Duodopa and wait until my metabolism returns to normal , its not nice.

                                  Kindest Regards  Fed

Sorry but I cannot see any benefits , dubious or not , from my Parkies . I remember what life was like   before this .      Drawbacks yes , but benefits .

Unlike M.J. Fox  , I consider myself to be an unlucky man .