The flu jab and pd



        Every year I have my ANTI FLU jab and for two or three days I  have  increased  difficulty with  PD  Im very slow, freezing and generally feeling rough, it  happens every  year, does anyone else have this problem

                     Regards  Fedsmiley      im ok now.





I  had one oct 1st, i felt a little rough'er for a couple of days than i normally do, then.

I was fine last year after the flu jab but this year i did feel off for a couple of days after having the jab , felt very rough and stiff and achy for a couple of days after

I don't remember whether there was any connection last year but this year, the next 2 days after the shot, I felt more parkie than usual.  I even encountered fenestation on my morning walk which I recorded in my blog on Oct 28 and 29  (see  I never thought about a connection but today I feel alive and wondering if the last two days resulted from the flu shot. 

Mind you, I had an 8 day flu a few years ago and I will do anything to avoid going through that experience again.  I was seriously ill so I'd rather risk a couple of parkie days than 8 days of misery.

By the way, if you haven't tried walking with trekking poles, you should give it a try.   Mine allow me to go faster and maintain balance as I pick up speed.  They also prevented me from falling when I stopped and encountered that good ol' parkinson's  gait .

just had my 1st flu jab, thanks for the tips I'll keep an eye on my symptoms


      Thank you all for your prompt replies I feel ok now but it certainly rattled parkies cage, however as you mentioned  wpgchap, a real serious dose of flu can be a killer, at least I would take BLACKHEART with  me not that that is very likely, I have a very powerful immune system and dont catch colds flu or any ailment at least not until the beast arrived and began his savage assault on my brain,Im  leaving it to science when I push off I dont think they will find anything useful, lots of facts and figures on Aviation so old Feds power plant will end up in a skip more than likely. Thats a good idea wpgchap about using trecking poles I think I might try that at the moment 5mtrs and Im in agony, thankyou for that Sir

                                    Kindest Regards  FED

HI Fed 

Happy New Year, Answer to the flu jab problem i have been ok with it i have had it for two years now.

Can i ask you do you suffer from dystonia ? 

I suffer with it in my feet, just started taking Tizanidine for it.

If you haveit what do you take.

Hope to hear from you 

                                  From Zo


Hello fedex

I've had the flu jab for several years and can't associate any link with increase in my PD symptoms.

One thing that I wonder about however is that in 2009 or 2010 I was of the 6 million in the UK who had the new swine flu vaccine. For 3 or 4 days afterwards I felt a bit queezy with that inner tremor one gets with flu.

There has been some evidence that one of the swine flu jabs has caused or exacerbated Narcolepsy by producing rogue proteins that damage the part of the brain associated with.sleep.

As PD has links to rogue proteins (Lewy bodies) I often wonder if there could be a link to Swine flu jabs? Having said that, there is, as far as I know, no statistical or scientific link.

It's just that a year and a bit after my Swine Flu vaccine I was diagnosed with PD. Coincidence, I'm almost sure?







I notice elsewhere you say you live in a village, i live in a village as well, but i didn't have a flu jab until i was diagnosed with PD and this last time a pneumococcal (or however you spell it) jab as well. Any way living in a village all around us, well around me anyway is the countryside and within that Agriculture, i worked in agriculture as a youngster into my mid 20's. and now i have PD, Agriculture is massively chemical intensive, and even if  you haven't been concerned within it, it's in our food supply from seed to plate and in our soil and in the aquifers. Many of those i worked with have had cancers and have passed on or other health problems in the years since, there was a thread on the forum a few months ago relating one to the other.

food for thought.

just too keep it on subject though i havent suffered any ill effects from this years flu jab or in relation to PD meds.

Hi, sea angler

Yes it makes you wonder. I was brought up on large estates. We were surrounded by crop spraying.

They asked me about crop sprays during the PRoBaND study I participated in.

Apparently there is no supportive scientific or statistical data to back it up though.

Until a few years ago I did a it of bass fishing off the shore of the estuary near my home. Didn't have a lot of luck though. 





hi jules

i think we came too the same conclusions with those who are behind the chemicals are also those who make our pills, poss the answer too study & data, i have caught quite a few bass in the past, restrictions for the first time ever for anglers concerning bass are now comming into force with none too take home in the first 6 months and 1 a day there after.