The forum in the Parkinson magazine

If you receive the Parkinson, you may have noticed that the forum community and the valuable information shared here is increasingly highlighted in the quarterly magazine.

In the Autumn 2011 issue, there is a two page spread on our Stem Cell Research Q&A including questions asked by forum members.

Tips on getting dressed shared here by Radar47and Emswife were also included.

Well, the Parkinson team is already putting together the next issue and this time they’ve come directly to the community to ask you to share further information.

They’re looking for case studies for the following articles:

- Did you find yourself in denial of your partner's/relative's/friend's diagnosis at first, and how did you overcome this?

- Do you have Parkinson's and have teenage children? What issues are you facing as a family?

-Would your teenager(s) be happy to share their experiences of having a parent with Parkinson's?

- Do you have Parkinson's and have any tips on what you do to get yourself up and going in the morning?

- Do you have any tips that make life with Parkinson's a little easier, that do not cost any money or actually save you money?

- Do you have tips on managing life with Parkinson's if you live alone?

If you'd like to get involved email [email protected]. Even if you don't fit any of the above and have an idea for a future issue, please get in contact.
Hi Ezinda,

If you find useful information in my recent posts feel free to use it in your Parkinson magazine.

Tried to e-mail this to you but couldn't for some reason!
Posted it a couple of weeks Daily Life thread.

Posted - 24 Oct 2011 17:38
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Just a bit of info you might find useful.
My husband and I moved because of mobility problems into a house with a downstairs bathroom and bedroom.
3 years later I read an article that said if you moved because of disability to a house with either downstairs toilet or bedroom, not having it in your old house, you were entitled to have your council tax band lowered by 1 band.
I rang the council who said it was nonsense.
I asked them to double check. They rang back and said I was right although they had never been asked before.
Our band was lowered straight away but no back pay!
Every little helps.
Thank you, GG. I missed this first time around.