The impact of Parkinson's on personal relationships

Hi all

This video discusses the impact that my diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease has had on my personal relationships with family and friends.



There I’ve said it.
A scourge of the Parkinson’s warrior.

My wife and I met aged 16, and like most young people we had lots and lots of sex .
As we have " matured " , had kids , had the mother in law in the bedroom next door, had grandchildren ,( the littlest one lives with us ), regained a daughter, had separate bedrooms and got Parkinson’s ( yes “We” have it. It affects us both) …our sexual needs have changed.
Not disappeared completely, but changed.
Time alone together is at a premium and highly cherished.
We just had a very clean dirty weekend away :wink::joy:
We realised how much we still love each other and how others who get in our way are just obstacles to be gotten over like all the other things that we have got over in our relationship .
Parkinson’s is just another obstacle and we’ll face it together.
Sorry there wasn’t much sex… but there just isn’t these days.:joy:


Hi all,

I am currently in sixth form conducting an Extended Project Qualification on the impact of families with patients who suffer from Parkinson disease.

If anyone is happy to share any experiences or opinions of the topic above I would really appreciate it. If it is all right will I be able to use some of your experiences in my project to carry out the investigation I am completing.

Thank you in advance,